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Posted by Behere | March 30, 2018 | Article, Blog, Column
female founder Ulla
Our team connected with this outstanding, energetic woman in Bali and are so glad we did. Ulla Risager has created a company that fosters connections and aligns with our values at Behere in many ways. Ulla has managed to travel extensively, find her passion, start a company and fill her life with purpose. Read on to see how she’s accomplished this and started a company, while living in Bali.  
  female founder Ulla
Ulla holding a handmade bra from Learn With Locals Lace Bra workshop. 


Tell us about yourself..

“Hi, I’m Ulla! I’m originally from Denmark and currently live in Bali, where I run my business, Learn With Locals. It’s a platform that offers handpicked learning experiences to travellers and anyone wanting to learn something unique, from an inspiring community of locals.

A few years ago, I left my job in Amsterdam where I was working for a travel startup. I remember when they asked when I wanted to take my vacation days. With only 2-3 weeks, I tried to decide when I wanted to take time off and where I’d travel to. I couldn’t choose.

I recall thinking, “Life is too short to be sitting behind this desk everyday and only really ‘living‘ for 5 weeks a year.” No way – so I left.

It was a new beginning for me.

I had been job searching for a while, before leaving my job in Amsterdam I’d worked for Airbnb in Ireland and Google in Barcelona. I’d realised though, it didn’t matter what kind of ‘cool, we’ve-got-ping-pong-tables/free coffee, free drinks on Friday’ company I joined. If I didn’t have the flexibility to travel – and to realize and discover my potential and purpose in this world – nothing really mattered.

Back in 2015, I’d also survived a terrorist attack in Paris, and spent a good amount of time thinking about the meaning of life. I realised, life is short and the only sure thing in this world is that you won’t get out alive.

So I decided to travel. After traveling to the US, Cuba and Mexico, I bought a one-way ticket to Bali and went on to start Learn With Locals. 

Starting a company is like jumping off a cliff not knowing where you will land. But you work day and night to make sure you’re headed in the right direction!

female founder Ulla

What exactly is Learn with Locals?

“Learn with Locals is a community of people eager to experience, share and learn from others; for you to travel deeper and connect with inspiring individuals.

Our community consists of passionate locals that share their hobbies, crafts and skills.  A passion they’ve carefully cultivated over time, as a self-starter and micro-entrepreneur in Bali.

The vision behind Learn With Locals is to give locals a chance to create new sources of income. All while helping tourists, expats, and locals, experience their destination in new, meaningful ways.

We offer a selection of curated and hand-picked experiences, workshops and classes ranging from creative, crafty experiences to technical, culinary and cultural events and workshops.

You can check out our website here: www.learnwithlocals.io/ and follow us on Insta @learnwithlocals.”

Behere Event Announcement

For all the ladies in Bali, Ulla is hosting a Learn With Locals Popup Market on Sunday April 1. More information can be found here and on their Insta @learnwithlocalspopup.


We’re so excited to share that Ulla has joined the Behere team as our Bali City Host! Also, we’ve partnered with Ulla and Learn with Locals.

Get started with Behere and head to Bali to connect with Ulla and attend one of her many amaaazing workshops!

Photos courtesy of Ulla Risager and Learn With Locals.

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