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Book furnished private apartments, creative workspaces and modern fitness studios, in global business hubs.

Private Apartments

Book high-quality, comfortable, furnished apartments, for your team, in global cities.

Modern Workspaces

Book private offices, desk space and meeting rooms, in modern office spaces around the world.

Fitness Studios & Classes

Prioritize health and wellness by ensuring your employees have a way to maintain their routine while traveling.

Personalized Businesss Travel

Book everything your team members need to stay productive, in one place.

  • Furnished, Private Apartments
  • 24/7 Access to Modern Workspaces
  • Local Community Networking
  • Gym Memberships & Health Perks
  • Central, Premium Locations
  • Professional Development

Built for teams, personalized for individuals

Send employees to new cities knowing they have the foundation for productivity and success

Enable your distributed workforce to plugin to multiple cities seamlessly

Brainstorm in new environments to help foster innovation and creativity

Seamlessly integrate your employees mobility

Employee travel that’s personalized and straightforward. Enjoy the benefits of your mobile workforce, without the headaches.

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