What is Behere?

It’s the answer to your "how to's and what if's." The answer to the questions you ask yourself while wandering the streets of an amazing new city or while daydreaming in your cubicle…

  • Where would I stay? How do I find an apartment or sign a lease?
  • How do I meet people? Will there be a community?
  • Where will I find reliable wifi?
  • Where will I workout? How will I maintain a routine?

Behere answers those questions by providing verified apartments, workspaces and fitness studios, plus a local city host, to show you the in’s and out’s of your new city and introduce you to the community.

How Behere works

1. Explore Behere Locations

Search amazing locations for verified apartments, creative workspaces and modern fitness studios.

2. Request your selections

Choose where and when; select your private apartment, workspace and fitness studio, plus meet your city host. Then request to book.

3. Book and get packing

Get excited to travel! Plugin to the local community, maintain a healthy routine and feel at home, anywhere in the world.

What Behere Provides


Private Apartments

Fully furnished apartments, complete with: linens and towels, functional kitchen, full bathroom, utilities and wifi, located in central, vibrant neighborhoods.



Work amongst local and international professionals in an inspiring space. Reliable wifi, water and coffee and community events. Connect with people from around the world.


Fitness Memberships

It can be challenging to maintain a healthy routine when abroad. That’s why Behere includes access to local gyms or fitness studios. Get your sweat on in modern facilities.


City Hosts

A local or expat that lives in each location. They are a friendly face to provide support and recommendations on the best parts of their city and help connect you to the community.



Experience the most of each city by being kept up to date on local events, concerts, markets and more. Attend events in your city and connect with like-minded people.


City Guides

Carefully curated city guides for each location, created by locals. Important pre-arrival information, contact numbers, the best restaurants, cafes, bars and more.

Find flexibility in your life

Membership Payment

Behere operates as a members-only platform. The one-time membership fee give you access to full location flexibility. It enables you to bypass all long-term contracts, leases and registration costs. You will not have additional costs like a cleaning fee or platform processing fee. This is a one-time payment.

Monthly Rate

The monthly payment is only paid when booking on the platform. The price varies depending on location and time of travel (seasonal). The monthly rate includes your selected apartment, workspace membership, fitness membership, local city host and pre-arrival information. It is inclusive of taxes and fees.



Membership fee of


One-time payment, live in as many cities as you want.


Monthly payments start at


Monthly price varies by location and time of year.