Creating a Work Schedule that Leaves Room for Travel

work and travel

Balancing work and travel might seem unattainable for many, but these days it isn’t as challenging as it seems. In fact, as we become more globally connected, more people are ditching office desks and embracing flexible lifestyles. Striking a balance between travel and remote work isn’t always as easy as packing your bags and charging your laptop though. So we’ve compiled some tactics to help you balance your work schedule while finding time to explore.

Tactics to make remote work and travel your reality:

Build An Effective Budget

Traveling and working can be entirely feasible on even the strictest of budgets. To start, calculate how much you need to live in the locations you want to travel to. If you’ve already received the remote-work-stamp of approval from your boss or found a gig that allows you to do so, sign up for a program that does the planning for you. On Behere you can book a private apartment, coworking space and even extras like fitness classes.

Create A Powerful Time Management Strategy

Don’t limit budgeting to just your finances. Working remotely while traveling has a numerous perks, though these can lead to endless distractions. After all, finding new business leads and contacting clients can be tricky when there’s a ruin bar waiting just outside your door. Having a time budget that allots for work hours will help you keep your mind on track and free time open.

Chunk and Bundle Your Tasks

Having a budget can do wonders for your remote experience, but a bundled schedule will be the key to staying in your boss’s good graces. Bundle your check list to help you tackle your chores one at a time. Work on projects that need hyper-focus during one block and take calls by the piazza for the next.

Schedule Personal Days 

When you’re working remotely it’s vital to give yourself enough downtime. Being constantly connected can take a toil on you and leave little time for real exploration. Having a day to dive into the local culture will keep you alert when you get back, increase your productivity and allow you to truly indulge in the experience side of remote working. Though it may seem counterintuitive, if you’re returning from a holiday or long weekend, give yourself a chance to refresh, before jumping back in. Appreciate the time you had away and use your refreshed feeling to tackle new tasks.

Transitioning to a flexible lifestyle can be quite an adjustment, but you don’t have to disrupt your work life to see the world. In fact, you shouldn’t have to. Keep these tactics on hand and you’ll be on your way to managing your inbox from a new city in no time.

Ready to start traveling while you work? Learn more about how Behere can make it a seamless process.

Written by Alexandria Portee