Redefine the way you live, work and travel

Month-to-month living around the world, for women.


Live in cities around the world.
A month at a time.

Your schedule's flexible, why isn't the way you live? Your new home, workstation and local community are waiting.

We've got you covered.
The foundation for your flexible lifestyle.

Easily get set up in a new city, live like a local and maintain your lifestyle, without putting your career on hold.

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Our community...

Cristina, Digital Marketing

"I’ve always dreamt of being able to work from anywhere. Behere has given me the courage to take that leap and live on my own terms.Goodbye cubicle life!"

-Emma, Head of Content

Sondra, Graphic Designer

"I worked remotely for a year, before finding Behere. They take away all the pains and challenges of working remotely and traveling, I couldn't be more excited!"

-Sondra, Freelance Designer

Natalia, Counsaltant

"I felt restless staying in one city and being locked into year long leases. Behere lets me move to a new city each month, without dealing with the hassles of getting set up."

-Nina, Consultant

Find flexibility in your life.

Private furnished apartments, workspaces, fitness memberships, community and local events.

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No payment or credit card required.


Downpayment of

US $1,000

Secures apartment and workspace.


Monthly payments start at

US $1,400

Monthly price varies by location and length of stay.