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First, choose your location and dates (minimum 30 nights) and click ‘Search’. Then you can review and select your private accommodation, plus a workspace and fitness studio (optional) by ‘Selecting’ your choices. Once you’ve selected your choices, ‘Request to Book’ and fill in a few details about yourself. Once your request is received, our partners have 36 hours to accept, after which you’ll receive a confirmation email with a payment link. Once confirmed, process payment within 24 hours to complete your booking. Then you’re all set!
Yes you can! You can buy a weekly or monthly pass for a workspace and fitness studio when you’re ready to book your 30-day stay. These are currently add-ons to your stay and can be purchased together. Behere finds the best spots near your accommodation, so you spend your time focused on embracing the moment.
You can typically share your accommodation with one other person (a friend, partner, or child). If you think you’ll be booking with more than one other person, please let us know to make sure our network of property managers and hosts are notified.

Great question! The biggest difference between us and Airbnb is that we selectively partner with our hosts. We verify that all our hosts are experienced property managers. We ensure that all our spaces and our property hosts meet a minimum level of service and quality.

As a part of any stay you book with us, an on-location host meets with you once you’ve arrived to your new city. This allows you to fully settle in, whether on a business trip or living in a new place for a new experience. Behere helps you to live more like a local and connect with the community and people. Our location hosts provide a friendly face when moving to a new city, and our workspace and fitness partners have communities to connect with.

We like to keep everything simple and transparent. In order to cover our costs, we charge one simple service fee. This includes all the costs associated with your stay, like platform fees, processing fees, service fees, etc. We have a strict and vetted onboarding process for our hosts and listings, and ensure that you are provided only quality stays. This also includes the costs associated with supporting your local city host.

We also offer a paid membership option that removes the service fee entirely for only $990. No more fees on any stay. This makes economic sense if you find yourself traveling between multiple places during the year. You only have to pay once per year and we take care of the rest!

Regardless of which option you choose, you will have access to our city hosts anytime you book a stay with Behere.

At this time, most accommodations on Behere are not pet friendly. If you’d like to bring your pet, please reach out to our booking team directly, [email protected] with your special request.


A Behere Membership includes: the option of convenient month to month flexibility to all Behere locations for one year. It is valid for 12 months from the first date of travel. As a Behere Member you will NOT be charged monthly service fees which are not limited to; processing fees, platform fees, city host fees, cleaning fees, deposits or taxes. Behere Memberships are optional.
Service Fees are non-refundable once processed. If you later choose to purchase a Behere Membership, past service fees cannot be applied to the Membership payment. If you cancel your booking, service fees will not be refunded.
No, when requesting to book we simply ask for some information about you, so we can confirm your identity and provide our accommodation manager with details for your booking. Your privacy is our utmost priority and we keep your information confidential. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.
The Membership payment, if selected, is due before your first booking with Behere, payable via your Behere profile Payments page. Booking payments are due with 24 hours of our partners confirming your request. If payment is not processed within 24 hours, your request will be removed.
Booking payments are subject to our partners refund policies, thus vary between spaces. Some are partially refundable if cancelled more than 30 days prior to your arrival. All are non-refundable within 30 days of arrival. If you need to cancel your booking more than 30 days before your arrival, please send your request to [email protected]. Please note a small refund processing fee will apply.
Please note all payments are in US dollars and are inclusive of taxes.
Memberships payments are non-refundable once processed. A Behere Membership is valid for one year from the first date of travel, not the date of purchase.

Jobs and Contact to Manager

We will provide you with all the contact information you need to get in touch with anyone in our partner network. Most of our partners and city hosts are available via email and many are also available via WhatsApp. You can also contact us anytime with questions, or if you are having trouble reaching one of our partners!

Behere does not provide jobs, online or in locations, but we do want to help more people live flexible lifestyles so we’ve created resources found on our Resources page. There you will find ways to approach your boss about remote work, websites to find remote work, and tips for freelancing and working remotely.