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Envision this…

You’re visiting a new place, unfamiliar to you, where you know no one. You’ve been introduced to someone that lives there by a friend. You meet your city host and have an amazing, fun and possibly, perspective-changing experience – something as simple as having lunch with their friends, or as exciting as experiencing a new adventure. You now have a different outlook on your city, as you’ve connected to it, and someone there.

Location Host, Nubia

“It’s been amazing meeting Behere members from all over the world and showing them around my city…”

Role Description

Behere City Hosts are the on-the-ground point of contact for Behere guests in their location. City Hosts are a friendly face for guests and represent Behere’s core values and goals, while cultivating a welcoming environment and culture. Please keep in mind, City Hosts are often the only person the guest knows upon arrival. City Hosts work with the Behere team and maintain responsiveness within guidelines. For more information fill out the form to become a City Host below.
Location Host, Nyah
Location Host, Bogi
Location Host, Ulla