New City Launch, Berlin! Meet Our Fantastic Coworking Partner

Posted by Behere | December 3, 2018 | Article

If you haven’t heard the news… we’re launching our newest city, Berlin in 2019!!

Our team is ecstatic to be launching this incredible, innovative and artistic hub. With amazing communities, history, art, food and SO much more, their is always something going on in this fantastic capital city. But don’t just take it from us, our amazing partners at the first community club and coworking space for women, shared their favorite things about Berlin – as well more details about their incredible new space in the heart of Berlin. Learn more about it below and be sure to read to the end to check out their awesome merchandise.

What is CoWomen?

CoWomen is Berlin’s first community club & coworking space for women. A place where driven women cowork in a beautiful space and support each other to thrive. CoWomen also helps them unleash their potential by offering them inspiring community events, workshops to develop their skills, and exclusive mentoring. We launched this idea with a Pop-Up, and now, we’re moving to a bigger space to bring together an even bigger community of inspiring women. We’ll be filling an amazing new location in the Alte Münze in Berlin-Mitte with a welcoming community area, productive working space, a creative studio, and so much more from early 2019 onwards.

How did the idea come about?

It all began when Hannah, our cofounder, was struggling to find a place both for her newborn son, Henry, and herself. She was looking for a perfect place for her every-work-day. An idea was born. Since then, Hannah’s idea has grown into a place that offers everything a working woman needs.

berlinWhen Hannah reached out for more women to join CoWomen, she didn’t have to look too far. Sara, a well-known former colleague in software consultancy, got on board and added skills in project management and community building to the team. At the same time, Kat joined to head the communication strategy having gained ample marketing experience in NYC, London, and Berlin.

What do you love so much about the community at CoWomen? 

What we love about our community is that the women that come into the space aren’t just another number – not only do we connect with them all, but they do so with each other. These women are making a difference in the world and actively engaging with the community by exchanging experiences and sharing inspiration. We connect women with each other and mentors, offering them the perfect environment to help them achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

Why do you think Berlin needs this women-only space? 

We firmly believe in the positive effect of strengthening women in business and the enormous impact they can have on society and the economy. Everyone profits from more successfully working women! And because building networks is a deciding factor to achieve this, it’s what we focus on at CoWomen. By creating an inspiring space where driven women can connect to together shake up the (working) world, we want to help women unleash their potential and become the next generation of female leaders.

What is your favorite thing about Berlin? 

Hannah: That it’s always changing!

Sara: No matter what you wear or what you do, there is someone crazier than you in this city. I love that feeling, and I love that this city never sleeps.

Kat: I love Berlin’s laidback vibe. Having moved from other big cities, I like the fact that Berlin has all the diversity and opportunities that other big cities have but takes everything one step slower. It’s less hurried and people don’t just live to work here.

Where is your favorite place in Berlin? 

Kat: I’m a total book nerd, so Dussmann in the Friedrichstraße is my favorite spot in Berlin. It’s a huge bookstore – or better said “KulturKaufhaus” as they call it, which roughly translates to “culture department store” – that you can get lost in for hours. They also have a great English section inside!

Sara: The market at Herrmann-Platz. I love the buzz, the active and happy sellers, and the smell of fresh vegetables and Mexican street food.

Hannah: I love a little place on Karl-Marx-Allee under a Japanese cherry tree. It changes its color so beautifully in spring. From there you can look along Karl-Marx-Allee with a view of the fountain at Strausberger Platz and at the end you can see the TV tower. A place with a lot of velocity and yet so much endurance.

You’re currently selling custom merchandise to support CoWomen’s crowdfunding campaign, tell us about it

If you share our vision of creating a better (working) world, then we’d love your support in connecting rising women & shaking up the (working) world! Whether you’re a woman or man, based in Berlin or not, we have an awesome range of perks for you to choose from in our crowdfunding campaign that is running until December 8th at You can also spread the message that we all benefit from more women in business through our merchandise at  There’s a way for everyone to support rising women!

Connect with Cowomen…

Online at or on social; Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Head to Berlin with Behere to connect with the amazing community at CoWomen and experience everything this incredible city has to offer! Learn more about Behere here.

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