find cheap flights
Posted by Behere | 10 January 2020

Today, there are endless websites and platforms to book flights on. From airline websites, to travel aggregators, it’s overwhelming and often challenging to find the best deals. A quick search...

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unconventional career
Posted by Behere | 02 January 2020

At Behere, we’re constantly inspired by the amazing women in our community. We’re thrilled to feature some of their stories and share how they’ve made traveling while working possible. From...

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traveling entrepreneur
Posted by Behere | 11 December 2019

You did it, you took the plunge to go full-time freelance or become an entrepreneur. After countless late nights, questioning whether you were ready and dealing with challenging clients, you...

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top solo travel tips
Posted by Behere | 01 December 2019

Have your first solo trip planned? Or your 50th? This is for you! We know how daunting traveling on your own can be. Whether it’s your first solo trip or...

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eco-conscious gift guide
Posted by Behere | 26 November 2019

With Black Friday around the corner and holiday spending rising through the roof, this time of the year can be very stressful. From what to buy, to how much to...

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remote work
Posted by Behere | 10 November 2019

Remote work is a dream for many, but convincing your boss you should work remotely might not be. To make it easier, we’ve put together a list of the key...

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know before you go bali
Posted by Behere | 05 November 2019

Traveling to a new place, especially an island like Bali in Indonesia, is an amazing experience! Everything is new, exciting and very different. There are different foods, vehicles, cultures, people,...

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get dream clients
Posted by Behere | 01 November 2019

“What is your #1 tip to get dream clients?” We asked 12 freelancers, creatives, and consultants from around the world to share with us how they land dream clients. From...

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cope with stress
Posted by Behere | 29 October 2019

When Carole King’s border collie went missing in July, she decided to quit her job and devote her time to finding her furry companion, People reported. After a 57-day search, the Washington State woman was reunited with...

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travel bloggers
Posted by Behere | 20 October 2019

The year might be cooling down but these ladies Instagram profiles are heating up! We scanned the Instagram webs (what do we really call those?) for our list of the...

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