Why Behere is Not Another Remote Work Program

Behere was created for all women who value flexibility. Not just for digital nomads or fully remote workers.

“Oh another remote work program, great.” We’ve heard this countless times as Behere has been compared to many remote work programs. Behere actually shares very few similarities though. With numerous programs in the market, and this being a new space, we understand the confusion. So we wanted to highlight what makes us so different and what Behere is all about.

What Behere is not…

A remote work program, a group tour, or a travel-while-working ‘tribe’. Behere is not a group that travels around with ‘participants’, or a traveling community that moves from location-to-location together.

We also don’t use the term digital nomad’ because that eludes that we cater to an exclusive group of people. Behere was created for all women who value flexibility.

What Behere is…

A new way for women to live, work and travel.

Behere makes it possible for women to live, for a month at a time, in cities around the world, without the hassles of getting set up. We are helping women design a lifestyle that meets their individual needs and wants. Active in over 12 cities and growing, we have a supportive infrastructure in place, year round. This lets women choose when and where they want go.

What we’re creating at Behere is not just about remote work, it’s about the future of living and work. It’s about providing a sustainable way to thrive in your lifestyle.

What we’re about

A community of women, around the world, that share common goals and values. We’re helping women embrace flexibility, step out of their comfort zones and better meet their needs and wants.

Behere is striving to change the way we live and work. We’re providing opportunities to make flexible lifestyles possible for more women. Women that want to embrace flexibility and rid themselves of workplaces created by men, for men.

With the 9–5 work structure becoming an old paradigm, riddled in sexual harassment, unequal pay, sexism and lack of inclusiveness, women are looking for ways to live and work on their own terms. Millennial women especially, are playing a major role in shaping the future of work. They are choosing more flexibility in their careers. With millennials valuing experiences more than things, and majority of female millennials wanting to work abroad, we see the rising need for this.

It’s not about escaping your life, it’s about living your life, and one that you truly enjoy.

remote work program

But why just women?

We’re helping highlight the importance of women having independence and creating lifestyles that suit them. Women find it harder to have tough conversations with their managers, don’t take as many vacation days and still do not receive equal pay (& won’t for another 217 years!). Remote work is helping solve some workplace issues by helping women shatter the glass ceiling.

At Behere, we’re working to help women shed the days of being stuck in cubicles. Of being unproductive in open concept offices, waiting for vacations days or being locked into long leases. That’s why we share resources to help transition to remote or freelance work and this list of places to find remote jobs.

We’re helping women meet their desires and passions to explore, experience, connect and feel inspired.

Society’s definition of ‘work’, ‘workplaces’, ‘living’ and ‘lifestyles’ is being redefined. Our goal is to help women redefine those for themselves.

We hope to help you start living the way you want soon!

– The Behere Team

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Ready to experience more? Head to gobehere.com to learn more and get started with your flexible lifestyle.

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Women Making Moves | Martina Martian, Designer and Traveler

You’ve probably come across, Martina Martian or her work while flipping through Instagram. This talented woman is the brilliant woman behind many fun designs and popular GIF challenges. She creates a whole lot of female-powered and positive designs. Martina shared with us how she began her career as an illustrator and how she finds her creativity and inspiration while working and traveling the world.
 martina martian

 Tell us about yourself…

“I’m a full-time, travelling freelance illustrator. I create bright and positive designs for various companies and brands around the world.
I had always dreamt of having a creative career but never imagined that illustration would be my calling. Let alone allow me to travel the world. When friends and strangers started commissioning me to illustrate for them, I became inspired to pursue illustration/design more seriously.
Eventually small businesses were hiring me. Within a year larger companies such as ASOS, Cotton ON, Reebok, Snapchat etc. were hiring me to design for them too!
 martina martian

 What’s inspires your work?

You’d recognise my work for it’s bright colours, bold messages and nostalgic twist. I find inspiration from 80’s/90’s television, records, toys and anything kitsch and colourful. The themes of empowerment and positivity are inspired by real moments, important discussions, and powerful women I meet whilst travelling.

Some of my favourite projects in the past have been designing GIFs and stickers for Snapchat, Instagram and iMessages! They’re incredibly fun to make and it’s so surreal seeing people using them on their stories around the globe.
martina martian
My advice for women looking to become a freelance illustrator is; start building your network, offering your services and branding yourself early. Don’t be afraid to show your work to anyone you meet.
It’s also important to remember that being a digital nomad and freelancing is scary and exhilarating all at once. You must embrace spontaneity, be flexible and open minded. I wouldn’t live life any other way!”

– Martina Martian

Check out Martina on Instagram here.
Photo’s by Aaron Bull, @__aaronbull

Female Communities Helping Empower Women

This week we’re highlighting amazing female communities and the founders behind them who are helping making a difference.

From two women who wanted to make work + travel possible for more women, to ladies who want to make it easier to make friends, these women have built fantastic women’s communities.

They shared with us what it means to them to empower women and how they’re helping do just that. Read their takes below.

Co-founders of Bucketlist Bombshells

female communities

Photo via bucketlistbombshells.com

What does it mean to you to empower women?

“To us, empowering women at its core is supporting other women and lifting each other up in life and business. It means encouraging women to be their best selves and realizing that we are stronger when we come together. We believe that empowered women (women who are supported, confident and strong) have the power to bring about positive change in our world.”

How do you empower women through what you do?

“Our company, The Bucketlist Bombshells, was created with the single mission to ignite a revolution of location-independent millennial women. We do this through teaching them to work online, travel the world and live creatively. 

The initial inspiration for the business came about when we started pursuing this work and travel lifestyle ourselves but lacked any mentorship or community of like-minded millennial women to support us on our journey.

We empower the women in our community by educating them through our BB Academy of online courses. As well, we cultivate a positive and supportive community of over 10,000 women in our Facebook group. 

Also, we strongly believe in using our business as a catalyst for positive change and using education to break down social and economic barriers. We donate a percentage of our profits to the Kopila Valley School in Surkhet, Nepal and currently support 16 amazing girls to receive a life-changing education.”

To learn more about Bucketlist Bombshells head to bucketlistbombshells.com or to their Facebook group Bucketlist Bombshells Tribe or check them out on IG: @bucketlistbombshells.

Co-founders of The Cnnekt

female communitiesPhoto via thecnnekt.com

What does it mean to you to empower women?

Chary: “In the shortest and simplest way: help a sister out! To me, empowering women is about sharing your experiences with one another in hopes that your words and actions will inspire, and more importantly, uplift them. It is all about helping other women be their better selves.”

Emily: “You know that “tingly” feeling in your stomach? Im not talking about butterflies or sickness. I mean that fearful yet fearless, strong yet weak, excited yet nervous, powerful “tingly” feeling. That exact feeling is what empowerment means to me. It has helped women all over the world speak up for themselves when society tells them not to, take a stand or take a charge for what is right, and most importantly: be unapologetic. That “tingly” feeling is the true guiding light to who we are inside and it helps us break it through to the outside.”

How do you empower women through what you do?

“We are storytellers. We share stories about women’s struggles and aspiring business owners with the our community. Also, we organize gatherings/ events to bring that interaction offline to build authentic relationships. By sharing their stories to the unknown public, we encourage women to be vulnerable and this is an act of empowering others.”

Learn more at thecnnekt.com or on IG @thecnnekt

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Women's Event | Coworking & Brunch in Beautiful Bali

We had a blast at our ladies coworking event in Bali!

After visiting many co-working spaces around the world, we know there’s a need for female-only spaces. With all these fantastic, female-only coworking spaces popping up around the world, there are still very few in Asia. After Behere co-founder, Meesen Brown, entered one-too-many male dominated spaces, she knew she needed to create more spaces for women to connect.

Somewhere for them to meet, chat and share tips and experiences. But most importantly, a space for women to feel comfortable, in a beautiful setting that encourages creativity and inspiration. And that, is how our idea for women’s coworking events was born.


This past week, we co-hosted a ladies brunch and coworking event in Canggu, Bali in collaboration with Bucketlist Bombshells. The event was free for all ladies to attend and we were thrilled by the response.


There was so many great conversations, inspiring stories and meaningful connections made. Over 30 women came to brunch, do some coworking and meet with other likeminded, driven women, exploring the world with some serious entrepreneurial instincts.  The ladies shared their experiences traveling, what prompted them to take the leap to start working remotely while traveling and for many, how they started their own businesses to do so.


Here’s some more awesome snaps from our photographer at the event!


Special thanks to our cohost, Cassie, from Bucketlist Bombshells, who helped made this event possible.


AND shout out to all the lovely ladies who attended. We’re super excited to continue hosting events like these around the world and were, yet again, thrilled by the response. We know the need for these events, meet-ups and connections with female communities is an important part of what we’re doing and we can’t wait for more to come. Stay tuned!

Photo’s by: @a_few_days_off