Women's Only Coworking Space: Our Two Day Event

women's only coworking

An aerial shot of our women’s only coworking pop-up event (look at that blue!).

Women Supporting Women

After frequenting numerous coworking spaces around the world, we know there is a need and desire for female-only spaces. With all these fantastic, female-only coworking spaces popping up around the world, there are still almost none in Asia. After our founder, Meesen Brown, entered one-too-many male dominated spaces, she decided to create her own space. A space for women to meet, connect, chat and share tips and experiences. But most importantly, a space for them to feel comfortable, and for it to be a beautiful space that cultivates creativity and inspiration. Thus, our women’s only coworking space pop-up was born.

women's only coworking
The sign out front of the event space.

We hosted this coworking space as a two day event in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in collaboration with our partner, Coworker and it was AMAZING. The event was free, thanks to our team at Behere and Coworker treated everyone to their first coffee and snacks. Float Chiang Mai also sponsored the event, providing tasty and healthy vegan bars.
women's only coworking
Our partner, Coworker’s, sign and some snacks.

The event was full of interesting conversations, inspiring stories and meaningful connections. With more than 60 women from 14 countries over the course of two days, there was a great turn out. The women shared their experiences traveling, what prompted them to take the leap to start working while traveling and for many, how they started their own businesses to do so.
women's only coworking
Some of the ladies at the event working and chatting.

We held a quick introduction chat to better get to know one another, hear about each others exciting projects, and spread the word about what we’re creating at Behere. We’ll be sharing some of the women’s stories this week so stay tuned to hear what inspired them and how they created flexible lifestyles that they truly love.
women's only coworking
Gathering poolside for our introduction chat.

To wrap up the two-day event we held drinks at a nearby rooftop during sunset. Some women who couldn’t make it during the day showed up for that and despite the chilly (70°F weather – that’s chilly for Thailand!) everyone had a great time.
women's only coworking
Watching the sunset over the mountains of Chiang Mai.

Special thanks to our awesome partners and sponsors who made this event possible and to the inspiring women who attending. We’re looking forward to hosting more events like this around the world and were thrilled by the success and response of this one. We know the need for these spaces and connections with female communities is an important part of what we’re doing and we can’t wait for more to come. There will be video footage and featured stories from some the women to follow, stay tuned!