How this Freelancer Keeps Focused While Traveling

[vc_row padding_setting=”1″ desktop_padding=”no-padding” ipad_padding=”sm-no-padding” mobile_padding=”xs-no-padding”][vc_column][vc_column_text]At Behere, we’re constantly inspired by the amazing women in our community. We’re thrilled to feature their stories and share how they’ve made traveling while working possible. From unconventional roles, to starting businesses abroad, these women have made exploring travel a priority. They share their biggest learnings and favorite memories. Plus, they share advice for someone thinking about living in a new city for a month.
Today’s Behere community feature, Tiff Ng, is a social storyteller. She became her own boss to have more freedom and this is how this freelancer keeps focused while traveling. Originally from Australia, she’s visited over 12 countries and is a creative, adventurous soul. She booked trips to Barcelona and Belgrade on Behere this summer. She returned home to Australia, already itching for more adventures. Read her story below.

You created a job that enabled you to work from anywhere, tell us about it.

“I’m a social storyteller; I help small businesses and influencers to tell their unique stories through a social and content strategy that is bespoke to their business and the audiences with whom they want to connect.”

What was the most important thing you learned while living in new cities?

behere member feature tiff living abroad

“To be honest, it’s not always that easy. We often fall into the trap of thinking that quitting our jobs to travel, or having this Instagram-worthy ‘nomad’ life, is the dream. But it does take a lot of hard work and can be really tough. Having a positive mindset, the courage to keep going and a solid support system (and yes, that includes Behere) is key to helping you get the most out of this experience. But it is all up to you and your mindset.”

How did Behere help in your journey?

“It can often get very overwhelming being so in charge of every decision in your life. While I’ve been adjusting to location-independent work and building up my own business, it’s been amazing to have Behere take care of the rest. It’s given me peace of mind. I can focus on my work and have the comforts and WiFi I need to support that.

In particular, the network of city hosts and members of the Behere community have gone above and beyond to help me settle into each location. They were a friendly face on a journey that can often feel very isolating.”

We love hearing highlights from our communities adventures, what was one of yours?

“It’s not quite one, singular memory but rather a thematic experience throughout my time abroad. But my favourite will always be a sunset. There’s something about the rainbow of colours and the poeticism of another day passing that is truly spectacular. I particularly love chasing sunsets as I travel.
For one, it’s a luxury I wasn’t always afforded while working long hours in a corporate job. Now, working remotely, I can afford myself that break to just take a beat, wherever I am, to acknowledge that moment and appreciate it every day.
But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it’s a phenomenon that happens every day in every place. It’s the unique combination of where you’re enjoying it – because it’s casting crazy silhouettes against the light or reflections over the horizon – or who you’re with, or what you may have been doing at the time, that can make each sunset unique, every single day. I love being able to make this daily moment an adventure wherever I go, by changing one of these variables each time.”

freelancer keeps focused while traveling

How has living in new places affected your work?

“I hate to sound like a cliché, but living abroad has really changed my life.
Living abroad has felt like taking a giant leap off the deep end and learning to fly. While it can be terrifying to think how far you can fall, for me, it’s given me the blind confidence to keep going and back myself in this whole journey. With this confidence, I’ve been able to grow a business that is more meaningful to me. It’s more aligned with where I want to go with my life and career. I’m clearer in my mission, more inspired in my work and I’ve never been more excited about what’s to come.”

Finally, what’s your #1 piece of advice for someone who’s thinking about living in a new city for a month?

“Go for it.

If it’s on your mind already, it will never go away. Take the risk and enjoy the ride. It might not always go to plan but constantly learn and grow from each experience. It will all be worth it.”

Have you been wanting to take the leap to travel for a while? Or travel without the headaches and work of planning, so you can be productive from the get-go? Learn how Behere helps make this possible here.
Connect with Tiff at, or on InstagramTwitter or LinkedIn.

Images and words courtesy of Tiff Ng.

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Women's Event | Coworking & Brunch in Beautiful Bali

We had a blast at our ladies coworking event in Bali!

After visiting many co-working spaces around the world, we know there’s a need for female-only spaces. With all these fantastic, female-only coworking spaces popping up around the world, there are still very few in Asia. After Behere co-founder, Meesen Brown, entered one-too-many male dominated spaces, she knew she needed to create more spaces for women to connect.

Somewhere for them to meet, chat and share tips and experiences. But most importantly, a space for women to feel comfortable, in a beautiful setting that encourages creativity and inspiration. And that, is how our idea for women’s coworking events was born.


This past week, we co-hosted a ladies brunch and coworking event in Canggu, Bali in collaboration with Bucketlist Bombshells. The event was free for all ladies to attend and we were thrilled by the response.


There was so many great conversations, inspiring stories and meaningful connections made. Over 30 women came to brunch, do some coworking and meet with other likeminded, driven women, exploring the world with some serious entrepreneurial instincts.  The ladies shared their experiences traveling, what prompted them to take the leap to start working remotely while traveling and for many, how they started their own businesses to do so.


Here’s some more awesome snaps from our photographer at the event!


Special thanks to our cohost, Cassie, from Bucketlist Bombshells, who helped made this event possible.


AND shout out to all the lovely ladies who attended. We’re super excited to continue hosting events like these around the world and were, yet again, thrilled by the response. We know the need for these events, meet-ups and connections with female communities is an important part of what we’re doing and we can’t wait for more to come. Stay tuned!

Photo’s by: @a_few_days_off 

These Women's Instagram Will Give You Wanderlust

As the weather is cooling down, these ladies IG accounts are heating up! These women’s Instagram will give you wanderlust.

We’ve put together a list of our fav bloggers to follow this winter, that will excite the travel bug in all of us. From tropical photos, to European getaways, to exploring Southeast Asia, these ladies are sure to inspire you to start your next adventure.

If you’re ready to beat the winter chill,  and live in a new city for a month, learn more about Behere!

Anna @traveloutsidethebox

“What inspires me to travel is the constant desire I feel inside to explore the world and learn about it. I love immersing myself completely in different cultures and learning about history.”


Samantha @samanthas_suitcase

“Travel is my heart and soul and I love a tropical vibe. If I’m somewhere warm, I’m happy!”


Steph @aysteph

instagram will give you wanderlust

“I’m a Los Angeles native with a permanent itch to travel. By day I work with colorful fun textiles, designers and cute pups for a footwear company. By night I’m a dreamer, dreaming of all the things I want to see and places I want to go.”


Lauren @wanderluluu

“I’m a Massachusetts native and creator of, a travel blog about empowerment through solo travel. I’ve lived in Rome, Melbourne and Bogotá the past several years, with a lust for all things travel and adventure. My goal is to inspire women to take at least one solo trip in their lifetime, to experience the personal growth and self-awareness it often yields.”


Amanda & Morgan @2bluepassports

“Twobluepassports is a travel blog sharing curated itineraries and travel tips to inspire others to grab their passports and see the world. Founded by Amanda & Morgan, who were looking for a way to keep in touch when Morgan moved to Europe in the summer of 2016. After a trip to Portugal, they realized traveling was their mutual passion and Two Blue Passports was born.”

Blog: Two Blue Passports

Rebecca @ambhasaa

“”The most beautiful in the world, is of course, the world itself.” – Wallace Stevens. Ambhasaa is my never-ending journey and passion to discover our beautiful world through the lens of a local and give a little glimpse as to what I see and find.”


Caroline @picturesandwordsblog

“There are so many things I draw inspiration from, but in general, I am definitely inspired by colors, patterns, and nature.”


Micaela @micaelashalane

“A small town, country girl turned full-time globetrotter, I’m a graphic designer by trade and an adventurer by heart!”

Design Website:

Caitlin Palumbo @mydarlingpassport

“My Darling Passport is a luxury travel blog and Instagram that focuses on feminine escapes, wanderlust-inducing photography and colorful adventures. Through sharing in-depth city guides, trip reports and hotel reviews, My Darling Passport aims to encourage people to get out and explore the world – one passport stamp at a time.”


Caroline @sweetcarolinaj

“I’m based out of Boston and spent years teaching preschool, which allowed me to spend my summers traveling. Each summer I would explore a new part of the world. I have taught in Asia, worked on cruise lines, and backpacked through Europe.”

Melissa @witandfolly

“Melissa Teng is the founder and creator behind this travel inspiration account. As a part time traveller and full time believer in the power of creative storytelling, she hopes to inspire others through her photos, videos and personal captions to wander more and often, travel curiously, and to live always with a sense of whimsy and wonder.”

Andi @destinationchaser

“Caribbean raised, Vienna based and world amazed, Andi is endlessly in love with chasing destinations and sunsets of all colors around the world.”

Dani @dani_the_explorer

“A vegan explorer, Dani is passionate about adventure and hiking, and is the founder of the women’s adventure group, Mountain Chicks.”

And if you don’t already work remotely but want to start, here’s our tools and resources to help you ask your boss!

**Cover photo: Rebecca, @ambhasaa in Morocco