travel tips

find cheap flights
Posted by Behere | 10 January 2020

Today, there are endless websites and platforms to book flights on. From airline websites, to travel aggregators, it’s overwhelming and often challenging to find the best deals. A quick search...

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traveling entrepreneur
Posted by Behere | 11 December 2019

You did it, you took the plunge to go full-time freelance or become an entrepreneur. After countless late nights, questioning whether you were ready and dealing with challenging clients, you...

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top solo travel tips
Posted by Behere | 01 December 2019

Have your first solo trip planned? Or your 50th? This is for you! We know how daunting traveling on your own can be. Whether it’s your first solo trip or...

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how to beat jetlag
Posted by Behere | 14 May 2019

One of the greatest joys of remote working is being able to jet-off to a sun-kissed paradise when you feel like it. You just need a laptop, phone, and internet...

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travel snacks healthy
Posted by Behere | 13 May 2019

At Behere, we travel often and are always looking for healthy, delicious travel snacks (not an easy feat!). So we were super excited to connect with a female founder making...

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get the most out of your workout
Posted by Behere | 06 May 2019

Expert-backed tips to get the most out of your workout. Guest Post from Thrive Global By Elizabeth Yuko Whether you’re a person who can’t wait for their next trip to...

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sustainable travel
Posted by Behere | 28 April 2019

April is Earth Month and our team has been discussing sustainable travel and ways to reduce our environmental impact. Being a distributed team, our work is all done online, so...

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