Female Lifestyle & Travel Bloggers to Follow this Summer

Posted by Behere | July 20, 2017 | Article
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The summer is heating up and so are these ladies Instagram pages! Here’s our list of the top 10 female lifestyle + travel bloggers to follow this summer. With fabulous trips, daring adventures and off the beaten path wanders, these ladies are sharing highlights from their great experiences abroad. 

Ashley Guyatt

LA based, she’s all about lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty.

She enjoys a good beaches and great iced coffee, in new spots around the world.

Check out her IG @ashbegash and her website www.blondecollective.com.


Sam Wormser

San Diego based, Sam’s an organic foodie and travel seeker.

She enjoys brands that give back, clean beauty, organic food, fitness and travel.

Check out her IG @samwormserand websitethesaltytwig.com.


angelina z

Angelina Zeppieri

New York based, she’s all about travel, writing and finding inspiration.

Check out her IG @angelinazeppieri and website whereisnext.com

Dani Meep

California based, she’s all about loving, growing and photographing. Check out her IG @danimeep and website danitoscano.com.



She’s all about inspiring you to escape into the world.

Check her IG out @thelovelyescapistand her website www.thelovelyescapist.com



She’s all about traveling the world while writing her debut book, “Holisticated” . Check her out @momentsnotplaces.

Kamelia Britton

San Diego based, she’s all about travel, lifestyle, gratitude and living your adventure.

Check out her IG @thehackerette and website www.hackerette.com


Liza Lieberman

New York based, she’s all about fashion, food, fitness and traveling.

Check out her IG @girlonfifth and her website girlonfifth.com.



She’s all about eating more plants and traveling often.

Check out her IG @alleeyogi.

Christy Leigh

She’s all about stirring your wanderlust and finding your true passion.

Check her out on IG @christyleigh_ and her website www.christyleigh.me

These women share some amazing photos and highlights from their adventures, inspiring you (and us!) to travel often and experience more.

To start traveling more, like these ladies, head to Behere to learn how you can live in cities around the world, for a month or more.

Ready to explore new places and grow your network in cities around the world?

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