Meet Our Behere Prague City Host: Robin T

prague city host

Our team is excited to welcome a new Prague City Host, Robin Terrell. Originally from the US, Robin traveled the world before settling into her new home in Prague, years ago. She shares our values at Behere in so many ways and has been an advocate for flexible lifestyles through her blog, Global Mobile Worker. Robin began her international travels after raising a family, and moved abroad to see what the rest of the world has to offer. She wants to inspire woman of every age to experience other places and cultures. Read on to learn more about Robin…

What inspired you to start traveling?

“My parents inspired my love of travel when they would pack their four children into a station wagon and hit the road for the summer. My mother was a teacher and my dad saved up all of his vacation for these trips. I also worked for an airline for five years and had my first taste of international travel then. On a trip to Peru with my daughter, we hung out with a man at a hostel, that was working on his laptop from a hammock. I knew then that I could find a way to work from anywhere.”

What inspired you to start your blog and write a travel book?

“After the “Great Recession” in the U.S. I knew there was a better way to live, to not just acquire ‘stuff’. I started the blog during my four months of travel through South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba to chronicle the life of a digital nomad. I started the travel series to inspire unlikely travelers, older women and people who thought travel was only for the young, to explore the world’s trails.”

What is your blog and travel series all about?

My blog, the Global Mobile Work, is in transition. At first it focused on location independent lifestyles. Now that I am working inside a company, I’ve discovered that location independence isn’t just for freelancers. I work on a global team and all of our work has to be done virtually. So, now I am focused on how to make virtual teams work.

My travel series, Two Broke Chicas Backpack through South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba, captures my four-month journey across continents. I want to show skeptical travelers that you can make travel a lifestyle on any budget, at any age. Through stories and how-to tips and tricks you can easily experience these destinations for yourself. Like how to find the best and most affordable food at local mercardos. Book 3 in the series came out in December, the Center of America.”

What’s your favorite place in Prague?

“Kavarna Slavia, it’s a must-see. Go at night to listen to the piano player and get a seat by the window to look up at Prague Castle. For a location taken over by tourists, they have amazingly delicious and reasonably priced food. I love to go late night and finish the evening with the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. Plus, it’s open until midnight!”

Robins quote to live by, “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

Head to Prague to connect with Robin, and learn about this city she now calls home. Her recommendations and tips are not to be missed! To get started, head to Behere and find your new spaces in Prague.

You can follow Robin on Twitter @twobrokechicas and Facebook @2brokechicas and learn more about the travel series