Why Quitting Her Corporate Job to Travel was Just what She Needed

At Behere, we’re constantly inspired by the amazing women in our community. We’re thrilled to feature some of their stories, and share how they’ve made traveling while working possible. From unconventional roles, to starting businesses abroad, these women have made exploring new place a priority. They share their biggest learnings, favorite memories, and advice for someone thinking about living in a new city for a month.
Today’s Behere community feature, Chloe Handelman, decided quitting her corporate job to travel was just what she needed. Originally from Rochester, NY, Chloe used Behere to book her trip to Bali this fall. There she focused on starting her freelance business and connecting with other inspiring ladies in Bali. Read her story below.

You quit your corporate job so what are you working on now?

Right now, I am working on building up my own freelance Systems Engineering and Process Improvement consulting business. Using my corporate consulting experiences, engineering background, and interpersonal effectiveness, I bring a fresh perspective to businesses. Essentially, I help identify, solve, and implement solutions to critical business problems.

What does your daily routine look like while traveling?

This totally depends on the city I am in!
In October, I lived in Bali right near great surfing beaches. I liked to wake up, without an alarm clock, and then surf or workout. I then would head over to my workspace or a cafe with WiFi. There were always skill sharing or networking events at the workspace in the evening, so I would try to go to as many as possible. I was always open to the opportunity to grab food with friends so I did that most days too!
The point is: I create my daily routine. Every. Single. Day. I decide when I wake up, when I workout, and when it’s time to buckle down and crank some work out.
And the best part?
I don’t need to ask permission to take a walk on the beach to re-energize.

What was the most valuable thing you learned while in Bali?

That sometimes doing “nothing” is the biggest “something” you can do. One week I was in a rut. I was overwhelmed with feeling like I needed to figure everything out but had no idea where to start.
A million ideas swirled around in my mind but it seemed impossible to do anything. I reluctantly decided to do “nothing.” I still showed up every day to the workspace…. I went to networking events and socialized with peers.
I felt a million times better and I was able to find clarity regarding my next steps. By releasing the feeling of needing to figure everything out, things were naturally figured out for me through casual conversation and meditation.

How did Behere help in your journey?

The second I decided to use Behere, the paralyzing pressure to “figure out how to travel the world” was lifted from my shoulders.
It was my one-way ticket out of my old restrictive life. All I needed to do was show up to my new city and everything was taken care of. Behere has some of the best accommodations, incredible workspaces, and amazing fitness facilities. By knowing these were booked, I was able to focus all my attention on my business and creating a lifestyle I love.

quitting her corporate job to travel

We love hearing highlights from our communities adventures, what was one of yours?

My favorite memory is the meals I had with other women I met. We continuously had deep and inspiring conversations, intermingled with outrageous banter and hilarious storytelling. The friendships we developed will truly last a lifetime.

How did living in new places affect your work?

Being abroad allowed me to surround myself with like-minded peers. Back home, I felt like I was always trying to make my friends and family understand my passions and aspirations. Abroad, I am surrounded by people living out my passions and aspirations. They continuously encourage and inspire me to keep driving my life and pursuing my dreams.

Finally, what’s your #1 piece of advice for women who are thinking about living in a new city for a month?

Step outside that zone of comfort.
Dare yourself to explore and find comfort in the unknown.
Within one week of being abroad, I was able to learn more about myself than I had in an entire year back home.
Within one month of being surrounded by similar minded people who work remotely, I was able to develop a plan to launch my own business and make traveling and working abroad my new lifestyle.

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Connect with Chloe on Instagram @chloehandelman.
Images and words courtesy of Chloe Handelman.