The Best Tools for Freelance Writers

tools for freelance writers

With more writers and journalists working remotely every day, there are constantly new tools popping up. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite classic and new tools for freelance writers. Check them out below!

12 Tools for Freelance Writers


For video calls: Gruveo

If you have a strong internet connection, Gruveo is a simple tool for video calls. You don’t need to install anything – simply name your own conference room, get a unique link, and share that with your clients.

For improving headlines: CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Perfecting your headline is half the battle. Headline Analyzer lets you check your headline’s score by length, use of emotional or powerful words, and readability.

For following topics and news: Feedly

Follow topics of interest and the latest blog posts with Feedly. Organize your topics in collections and see popular articles in one place. Bookmark articles to read later.  

For time tracking: Toggl

You can keep track of your hours and productivity by logging your time with Toggl. Freelance writers who charge by the hour can share reports with clients to increase transparency on where you spend your time.

For recording interviews: Rev Voice Recorder

Rev Voice Recorder is a handy app for recording your video calls or in-person interviews. It’s free to record and save audio files, and you can pay for their service to transcribe your calls.

Design for non-designers: Canva

If you want to add graphics and beautiful designs to your articles, Canva is a simple tool for making amazing designs. Play around with photo filters, icons, and fonts and drag-and-drop your assets into existing templates.

For making your content shareable: TweetDis

This app helps you highlight text in your articles so people can Tweet it with one click. People love tweeting what makes them look good to their followers – quotes, insights, stats, and ideas.

For SEO and keyword research: Ahrefs Site Explorer

Use Ahrefs to research backlinks, keywords, and organic traffic. It’s a powerful tool to see which keywords work well for your competitors. The lite version is free for 2 weeks, but it is a paid tool.

For time zones at one glance: Every Time Zone

It’s a headache to look up and calculate time zones every time you’re trying to schedule a call. Every Time Zone gives you a simple visual to see where your time lands in everyone else’s day.

For project management: Basecamp

If you work with a remote team or manage other freelancers, Basecamp is a great way to organize everything in one place. You can track work with To-Dos, chat with your team, see deadlines and milestones for projects, and store your assets and files.

For typing faster: TextExpander

Looking for shortcuts? TextExpander helps you abbreviate commonly used phrases, email addresses, and signatures with keyboard shortcuts. Freelance writers who are part of a remote team can share messaging with your teammates so they can also take advantage of your snippets.

For finding cafes with WiFi: Workfrom

Look up the best cafes to work from by location on desktop or mobile. Read reviews by fellow freelancers and join a community of thousands of people working remotely.

Have some other tools you use that aren’t on the list? Or tried some of these and love them? Let us know in the comments below!

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