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Kalyna Miletic
We think this enthusiastic lady, Kalyna Miletic, is great for many reasons. But we especially love the positivity and passion she shares for helping women succeed. Kalyna shared some great insights about her experience with starting freelancing and how she transitioned into a business dedicated to helping other women succeed.

Read on below for Kalyna’s insight and adventures through starting her company and traveling.

What Inspired You to Start Kickstart Your Work?  

Even though I’ve worked with clients in 21 countries around the world and coached over 1,500 hours so far, my business hasn’t always been this way. 

When I began freelancing at 19, I felt completely alone. I didn’t know how to grow my business, where to get clients or what service I should be providing. My confidence was at an all time low because I didn’t think I could make this happen for myself. There weren’t many others doing freelancing yet, especially where I was living, and the field was very male-dominated. 
I started Kickstart Your Work to support women around the world to put their satisfaction and fulfillment first.  

What is Kickstart Your Work? 

Kickstart Your Work helps women love the work they do through group coaching programs, one-on-one coaching, training courses, retreats and workshops. Our philosophy is centred upon the idea that you can be successful
and enjoy your time while working.

kalyna miletic

I’m so passionate about this mission because I believe time is our most valuable resource. Supporting women to take the leap and move into exciting careers as freelancers, makes me feel like I’m making the world a better place! Building this community has helped me feel there is a place I belong, with all of my quirks and big goals. I believe we should all be supported in achieving our big dreams. It means so much to me to know I’m supporting women around the world live their bigger visions.

Why is Helping Women Specifically, So Important to You? 

I choose to work with women, specifically, because I know what it’s like to not fit in or feel you’re asking for too much. In high school I had a hard time and felt like I didn’t belong. The feeling continued throughout university and I always felt I was asking for too much with my big aspirations and dreams. 

I want all women to know that they deserve whatever their heart is calling them to do, and their happiness matters and is critical to their fulfillment. I hope to help women build the lifestyle of their dreams, by sharing the system that has allowed me the freedom to work online, from anywhere. 

What has been Biggest Challenge Since you Started Your Business? 

The biggest challenge, so far, has actually been accepting that I can run a business and be successful. There have been all sorts of learning experiences and growth moments, but the most impactful, by far, has been to allow this wonderful experience into my life. I tried to push it away for years, feeling I didn’t deserve to be doing it, or it was too good to be true. Believing that I deserve to be happy, and can create anything I desire, has been life-changing professionally and personally.

How has Travel Impacted You? 

I’ve been traveling for 4 years and it has completely changed the way I see the world and myself. Living in Brazil in 2016 was foundational to me making the decision to start Kickstart Your Work and continue running a location independent business.
Seeing how happy locals were with seemingly little material success was so inspiring to me. Their values of family, fun and celebration have stayed with me. I’m also always inspired by the people I meet. I’ve had thousands of conversations in planes, busses, hotels or restaurants, to name a few and I’m amazed at how much you can learn from people you meet.
I’ve visited around 22 countries so far, and seeing the different ways of life has truly opened me up to the realization that we are similar and rooted in the same fundamental desire for love and belonging.

What is your favorite place you’ve been? Where are you off to next? 

My favourite place is a tough question to answer because I’ve seen such beauty all over the world. I feel most at home when surrounded by water. Some of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve seen are; Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Aruba, Brazil and California.  
My next stop is in France where I’ll be exploring the South!

Behere is excited to be helping with your upcoming retreat in Chiang Mai. What is it all about?

The Freelancer’s Retreat in Chiang Mai is all about helping women learn how to start attracting clients as independent contractors and work online from anywhere. 

If using your genius zone (things you are great at and love doing) to deliver a service to clients feels like the right next step toward a fulfilling career, then learning the 5-step system to landing clients will completely transform the way you approach the transition to freelancing.

Any fun facts you want to share? 

Through my travels and adventures, I’ve had the opportunity to skydive Foz Iguacu in Brazil and swim with Stingrays in Grand Cayman all while on the quest to find the perfect hammock. 
kalyna miletic travel
And professionally, I’ve just landed two TedX Talks happening in the next few months (a long-time goal of mine)

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