How this Startup Founder Traveled While Running Her Business

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At Behere, we’re constantly inspired by the amazing women in our community. We’re thrilled to feature their stories and share how they’ve made traveling while working possible. From unconventional roles, to starting businesses abroad, these women have made exploring new places a priority. They share their biggest learnings, favorite memories, and their advice for someone thinking about living in a new city for a month.

Today’s Behere community feature, Joyce McCaffrey, is a startup founder from Toronto, Canada. She used Behere to book a month in Barcelona this summer. While busy running her own startup, Joyce took time to explore Spain and ring in the one year anniversary of her company’s launch from abroad.

Pretty cool, right? Check out her story below!

We love that you celebrated your business’ one year in Spain, tell us about your startup.

“A year ago, I started a digital content marketing agency called Atlas Content Studio. We specialize in creating credible online awareness for underrepresented areas of health. Think mental health, vaccination, sexual health – areas that people don’t necessarily want to talk about or simply don’t know the facts. Clients hire us to develop online strategies to tackle those 
awareness gaps. It’s super niche, but incredibly rewarding.”

What did a typical day look like for you in Barcelona?


startup founder

“Life moves slower in Barcelona. My apartment was by the beach, so I’d take the time to eat breakfast on my balcony in Barceloneta. Then I’d walk to my workspace – about 30 mins through the beautiful streets of El Born (my favorite neighborhood). I’d spend the day at work, then go for a run along the beach. Or I’d explore a new neighborhood with friends from the workspace. Needless to say, every day was inspiring.”


What was the biggest thing you learned from living in a new place?

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is that anything is possible. It applies to everything in life, but in this case – it’s possible to define the way you want to live, work, and travel. A second learning that caught me by surprise, was the value of solo traveling. It was one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever had – and something I’ll be prioritizing moving forward.”

How was Behere helpful to your journey?

“My dream was to start a business that allowed me to do the work I love, while offering the flexibility to travel often while working. I was busy learning how to be a startup founder, so researching working remotely and getting set up abroad was out of the question. Fortunately, Behere had every detail figured out. I had a beautiful apartment, a workspace filled with likeminded people, and local recommendations upon arrival. My trip was curated based on the experience I wanted to have, and the process was seamless. Barcelona was my twelfth month since starting my business – so I got to ring in my one-year living out the very dream that got me started. It was a surreal feeling, and I’ll always have Behere to thank for that.”

We love hearing highlights from our communities adventures, what was one of yours?

“I took a weekend trip to Cadaqués, a beautiful coastal town in Costa Brava. It’s where Salvador Dalí lived, and it honestly looks like a painting.”

startup founder

Finally, what’s your #1 piece of advice for someone who’s thinking about living abroad?

“Commit to it, make it happen, and start living out your dream.”

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Connect with Joyce via her website or on Instagram.

Images and words courtesy of Joyce McCaffrey.