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At Behere we’re constantly striving to provide the best platform, support and experience for all women. Our community is amazing, they inspire us each and every day. We feel honored to be helping so many forward-thinking, curious and driven women create a better future. We’re thankful for our community and their continued trust in us. We are delighted to share some of their experiences. Read some of our communities Behere reviews below.


Behere ReviewsCarrie B.

 “I could not recommend Behere more for women that are open and curious about living and working abroad. Their team was there every step of the way to make sure my apartment, co-working space, and experience met my expectations. I’m an experienced traveler, but it was comforting to know that I had a support team to help me along the way – whether it was answering questions, connecting me to others in the local community, or recommending events. Beyond their stellar customer service, their mission is truly inspiring as they trailblaze changes in how women work. Highly recommended.”

Behere ReviewsBrett L.

“I debated using Behere vs finding a place to live on my own, but couldn’t be HAPPIER with my decision to use Behere. The Barcelona city host has been super helpful, offering tips, guides, restaurant and bar recommendations. They’ve even taken the time to walk me around the neighborhoods and show me where to do things and how to access things I need! I LOVE my apartment. Almost all the American amenities I’m used to, with the precious charm of a Spanish flat! I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the gym is as well! Barcelona, is a great city, but if I knew before booking what I know now, there wouldn’t have been a debate on the value of using Behere. They treat their members like family, and there’s not much more comforting than knowing I have that level of support in a foreign country!”

Behere Reviews

Karleigh D.

“I’ve always wanted to live in Europe, but had trouble actually doing it because it was overwhelming trying to figure it all out. I discovered Behere and was super curious as it seemed they’d provide what I was most nervous about. From the get-go they’ve been super helpful and worked with me to make sure I was happy with my apartment and gym. The city host helped me with recommendations for where to eat, drink and more. My apartment was amazing, which for me is one of the biggest things. I need my own space to chill and cook when I feel like it. I also love that I had a chance to connect with the community at my workspace. Definitely exceeded my expectations!”

Behere Reviews

Lakeitha A.

As an entrepreneur who’s worked from home for the past 14 years, I found myself burned out and questioning my true purpose. So, I made a decision to give up and sell all of my personal belongings; packed 2 suitcases and a backpack to set out on a journey of taking my business abroad for a year. Choosing Behere as a partner and co-creator in my travel experience has made the transition effortless! They are now “family” and I look forward to exploring more of the world and myself with them!”


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