This is How to Convince your Boss To Let You Work Remotely

work remotely

Many of us would love to work remotely, but fear our bosses or employers won’t allow us to. Convincing them may seem like an uphill battle, so we’ve put together a list of benefits for both your boss and you, to make it a bit easier. Plus, we’ve also created a Letter for Your Boss for some ideas on how to start the conversation.

Here are some key benefits of remote work, to help you convince your boss to let you work remotely:

  1. Studies show that remote workers are 20% more productive

    • They also show that employees that work remotely are twice as likely to work 40+ hours a week on important tasks. This is because they appreciate the flexibility and want to show their dedication to the projects that really matter.
  2. Distributed employees mean big cost savings for companies

    • Office space is becoming more and more expensive, as are all the office supplies, lunches, equipment and events. What’s more, over 50% of professionals have left a company or considered leaving because their employer lacked flexibility.
  3.  Work flexibility equals more loyal employees

    • Higher loyalty means higher productivity, which ultimately leads to decreased turnover (and more savings for companies). Employees are appreciative to their employers for the flexibility thus, feel more aligned with their roles and the companies mission.
  4. Employees that work remotely are both healthier and happier

    • At a time when society is really highlighting and promoting heath, this is a key benefit for employers and employees. Healthier employees are also more productive employees. What’s more, studies have shown remote workers take less sick / personal days. On an average day, a one way commute is 30 mins, which is about the same time it takes people to run 2-3 miles – on a yearly basis, that’s thousands of extra miles run for you.
  5.  Remote workers feel inspired and refreshed by changing their environment

    • Being away from the office (and spending time in a new city), gives people a fresh perspectives, increases their creativity, provokes new ideas and leads to exciting new experiences. This ultimately gives employees a much needed kickstart for new projects, ideas or goals. Plus, it can create great networking opportunities.
  6. Better work-life integration

    • Working remotely gives employees time to accomplish tasks that otherwise get neglected, as well as gives them more time to spend time with loved ones, travel or enjoy hobbies. This also adds to employee moral, a more refreshed outlook and more dedicated, driven employees.

To ease your boss into the idea, we recommend suggesting to try remote working once a week and work up to a full month of remote work. This is especially effective after a super busy period at the office, as it enables you recharge out of the office, during a quieter period.

**If you’ve talked to your boss about the benefits, read the Letter to Your Boss and still are having no luck getting them to budge – check out our Resources page for websites to find remote work and helpful tips to get started freelancing.**

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