How Millennials Are Changing The Workplace – Flexible Work Is In

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Millennials receive a lot of criticism but it’s definitely not all warranted, especially regarding the job market. Millennials are redefining the way we work, benefiting the employee and the employer. Employers now need to hire millennials that are driven, tech savvy, and have a desire to learn. Even if that means updating their company’s practices to attract them.

We dove into some things many millennials consider ‘non-negotiable’s’ to pinpoint exactly what it is that they look for in a role…



Almost half of all professionals have left a job, or considered leaving, because it lacked flexibility. Millennials want to manage their work/life balance, making flexible hours, vacation time, and location key. This is important to companies because happy, healthy employees with lower stress levels are considerably more productive. Companies like Patagonia are ahead of the curve, allowing workers to plan office hours around outdoor activities, as long as goals are met.

Working Remote

A study by Leadership IQ found that people who work from home are 87% more likely to “love” their job. Decreasing commute time adds to employee happiness, and allows more time for productivity. Remote employees are also twice as likely to work more than 40 hours a week on important tasks.

Further, the reason many people want flexible work options is for travel. People who travel develop excellent critical thinking skills, meet people from diverse backgrounds and are better communicators.

Abandon the Desk Job

Social media, mobile devices and Wi-Fi have made the typical office desk job unnecessary. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is unhealthy, and millennials are looking to break this norm. Working from anywhere results in more fulfilled workers with fewer health problems.

Avoid Boring

Creating an environment where people enjoy the work they’re doing and company culture is crucial for employee retention. Ensuring employees are challenged, learning and applying skills, is key to a fulfilling career. This includes additional education and training assistance as a perk that millennials are looking for.

Also, offering flexibility, the ability to travel, and a strong work-life integration will help attract millennials to energizing environments. Regardless of being in-office or remote, establishing a team and strengthening it creates a more productive organization.

Culture is Key

Many organizations now focus on nurturing a unique culture that attracts and retains great people. They believe in providing a powerful culture that unites, engages and inspires the employees. They also try to keep them happy by offering plenty of opportunities for growth at work which involves; trainings, certifications, attending experts’ workshops etc..

Be Flexible

Another strategy for employee retention is flexibility. By offering flexible working, companies help employees to balance their work and personal life in a better way. This has very positive impact on employee satisfaction and retention. 


Overall, the way we work is changing, and as millennials become the largest part of the workforce, employers need to adapt. Organizations will need to work to recruit young, informed employees by abandoning their rigid practices of the past. Workplace flexibility and remote work will benefit companies as a whole, fostering happy, healthy and productive employees.

And those are the environments millennials want to work in.

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