What Are You Waiting For? Why Wait…

What are we all waiting for?

Many of us spend our whole lives waiting for a perfect moment. That moment when everything aligns and we can finally take the next step. When things are exactly how they need to be to move forward and you feel ready.

Newsflash: That moment is never going to happen. Things never oh so rarely, work out the way you want them too. There will never be a ‘right time’ to quit your job, start that company, or ask that person out. The right time never happens, yet you see people all around you excelling.

What’s the deal with that?

They’re doing things before they’re ready.

They’re doing things when they’re uncomfortable and unsure. Because you NEED to act before your ready. Leap before you feel comfortable. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As cliche as it all sounds, it’s true.

A comfortable life is boring and mundane. You’re robbing the world of your incredible gifts if you always choose to wait. And keep waiting for that perfect moment, to finally feel ready.

There’s no such thing as ready. If it’s new it will never feel ‘comfortable’.


Do it anyhow.

For real.


Take a leap of faith; buy that domain, reach out to that person, incorporate your company, hand in your resignation, apply for that job you think you won’t get, start that blog, ask that person out, send that email – whatever it might be.

What are you waiting for?

why wait

Stop waiting, start living.

And keep taking those next step. Reach out to someone new. Ask for help. Accept help and advice. Listen, learn and apply what feels right.

And repeat.


Fail faster, try harder. And repeat.

Successful people fail all the time.

Their secret? They keep getting back up.


Because failure means you’re trying. And learning. And growing.

Yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable, painful and stressful at times. But ask anyone that’s ever tried anything new… an athlete trying a new move, an entrepreneur starting a new company, anyone that’s ever started a new job.

It’s change and we’re designed to not like it because its uncomfortable.

But, when you finally nail that back handspring double front flip with a twist, land that first client, receive your first piece of positive feedback,  make it to the other side, you will feel amazing.

And if you don’t…

Keep going.

Because life is too short to keep waiting for the stars to align. To wait another day, week, month, or year to start.

This can be applied to every area of your life; from your career, to your lifestyle and health, to your relationships.

So that thing you’ve been putting off? This is your friendly nudge to go do it.

Take that next step and keep taking them so you can learn, grow and experience more.


Women Making Moves | Sahaj Kohli

We think this incredible lady, Sahaj Kohli, is great for many reasons. But we especially love the impact she has through her writing and her emphasis on self-love.  Sahaj shared some great insights with us about her experience solo traveling and why she thinks it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. 

Tell Us About Yourself… 


“I’m Sahaj Kohli, and I’m currently a senior editor at HuffPost. I’m very passionate about traveling, personal development, and being a good aunt to my four nephews.

I believe in the power of vulnerable storytelling to connect with other people. So, I translate most of my inner dialogue into written form via Instagram or blog posts.

I spend most of my free time wandering (even in my own city), reading, eating fried chicken sandwiches, and obsessively checking flight prices to cities around the world.” (us too on that last one!)

Sahaj Kohli

When You Booked Your First Ever Solo Trip, What Scared You Most? 

“I booked my first solo trip in 2014, to Croatia and Iceland for about 2.5 weeks. It was only a month after a devastating four-year relationship breakup. I think initially, it was a combination of me taking control of a situation I felt powerless in and wanting to physically run away.

 SPOILER ALERT: You can’t run away from emotional pain.

It was incredibly hard being heartbroken and alone abroad. After a few days, and reminders that my NYC life would still be there when I got back, I was able to enjoy myself and meet people.

So much of who I was, had been wrapped up with this person who no longer wanted to be with me.

Meeting people after a breakup is so underrated.

It’s so much hard, internal work to get to a place where you are comfortable with who you are and what you are worth.

My first solo trip taught me this lesson x5. It not-so-gently showed me that I am a person who occupies space, with or without a partner. I am worthy of genuine human connection in all forms. I don’t think anything is of greater importance than fostering that connection with everyone I meet.” 

How Has Solo Travel Inspired You, Pushed You, Changed You?


“Solo travel has most importantly taught me; I have everything I need within myself, to get through anything life throws my way. It’s also taught me that I’m stronger, and more resilient and capable, than I’ve ever given myself credit for.

It’s shown me, over and over, that I’m worthy of the space I occupy, as I mentioned. I just need to remember that it’s very important how I occupy that space.”

What Else Should We Know About You..


“My default emotion is guilt, so I have been trying to tackle that and really focus on investing in myself.

Self-love is often perceived as selfish by people who want more from you and/or ourselves when we feel like we aren’t doing enough for other people.

Because of this, I started a FB group where I get like-minded women together to tackle the idea that; taking care of ourselves is not selfish but necessary to tap into our potential the world needs from us.

Likewise, I’ve launched a solo travel (in your own city) newsletter. It replicates lessons and experiences one has traveling alone in a new place and allows for someone to have them in the comfort of their own city.


Because it’s important to know you can strengthen your self-reliance and confidence without leaving home. Routine is the one thing that gets in most people’s way and it’s what leads it complacency. When we remove that, we’re able to focus on ourselves and how we fit into our world.

Lastly, everyone should try solo traveling once in their life.

Single, in a relationship — it doesn’t matter. It’s truly the most interesting, difficult, amazing way to learn who you are and love who you are.”

Learn more about Sahaj at sahajkohli.com and follow along IG @sahajkohli.