What to Know Before You Go to Bali

Traveling to a new place, especially an island like Bali in Indonesia, is an amazing experience! Everything is new, exciting and very different. There are different foods, vehicles, cultures, people, roads, houses, clothes etc.

Don’t get us wrong – Bali is paradise. The island is rich in nature, culture, waterfalls, incredible beaches, friendly people and delicious food. It’s uniqueness, sprawling rice paddies and wide beaches make it a total haven for people from around the world. Yogis and surfers alike flock to this island to bliss out, and it’s easy to see why.

Our team has spent the last 5 years circling the globe, in search of the best cities, apartments, workspaces, fitness studios and spots to eat, so we know a thing or two about traveling and dealing with new environments and customs.

That’s why we put together this list of things to know before you go to Bali! We want you to know this in advance to make your experience the best it can be and to better prepare you! Read on for some tidbits and goodies about all you can experience on this beautiful island…

Culture & Traditions

  • Bali is not your home country – it is unique and wonderful because it is different
  • It’s very important to note that you’re a guest in Indonesia, please respect the local culture and traditions like the below…
  • Balinese Hinduism is the main religion on the island of Bali

bali culture

  • You’ll notice the above on streets and sidewalks. Called “canang sari” they are colorful daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus
  • Making them, filling them with gifts, and performing this ritual is a process so please be respectful and do not interrupt someone during it or step on the offerings.
  • Any time you go to temples or religious buildings cover your shoulders and knees or bring something to cover up.
  • Haggling is very common. Often the first price you’re quoted is double the actual price so don’t be afraid to haggle (but be respectful!).
  • Tipping is not expected but very appreciated! Many Western places do include a service charge (a tip) though.

Food & Drink

  • Definitely do not drink the water (brushing your teeth and showering with it is ok though)
  • The food is different (you’re probably super excited about the delicious new food) and there is plenty of international food
  • That said, there are some foods that might look, and smell, weird to you – it’s part of the experience (although, you definitely don’t need to try them all).
  • Western kitchens are not common in Bali, most people do not cook at home as there are many delicious restaurants to try!
  • Food delivery is very cheap – thanks to GoJek (it costs less than $1USD for delivery!).
  • Iced coffee’s are a ‘yes’, tap water is a ‘no’ (ice comes from ice companies).
  • It’s unlikely that you will encounter this, but if you head to Kuta or ‘backpacker’ areas like Gili T, be aware of super cheap drinks (15k IDR). They will be made with ‘arak’ a local moonshine that contain very dangerous amounts of methanol.

Wildlife & Critters

  • You’re living in a tropical island paradise, there’s going to be bugs and some wildlife.
  • You’ll likely see lizards slithering around, in and out of restaurants, cafes and your accommodation – they’re harmless and actually killing mosquito’s for you! 
  • There are rice paddies all around Canggu, so mosquitos and bugs come with the territory.

bali wildlife

  • If you see monkeys or go to Monkey Forest in Ubud, please do not touch the monkeys — people get bitten by them sometimes and you do NOT want to deal with that.
  • There are many stray dogs around Bali, they are mostly friendly, just be mindful of them.

Getting Around

  • You can rent a scooter (this is how many locals get around).  Keep in mind there can be a lot of traffic and Western driving rules definitely do not apply. Exercise caution while driving and learning the local ways.
  • If you’ve never scootered before or are just learning we highly recommend taking a class
  • If you’re not scooting – walk, bicycle or catch a ride on the back of a Go-Jek motorbike
  • Scooter tip – in recent years there’s been instances of people snatching bags off while you’re scooting by. To be safe please put your purses and backpacks in the storage spot under your seat instead of wearing them.


bali nature

  • It’s a jungle, it will be hot and humid! Don’t forget sunscreen (or bug spray!) and keep hydrated.
  • Most importantly… have fun!
  • One other thing to note: rainy season is Oct – April, dry is May – September, but all year round is a great time to visit Bali!

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The Best of Canggu: Why You Should Visit Bali

With so many amazing cities around the world, it’s often hard to choose where to go. Bali, is high up on many people’s bucketlists and it’s no wonder. With amazing natural landscape, a wonderful culture, fantastic food and stunning sunsets, this is why you should visit Bali.

What’s Canggu, Bali like?

Canggu is a surf town on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Bali is a naturally beautiful island with stunning beaches, sunsets, rice paddies and waterfalls, to name a few. The religion on the island is Hindu and the people are incredibly friendly and happy.

Canggu is for you if you enjoy a laidback pace of life, surfing or strolling on the beach, meeting new people, networking and eating delicious, healthy food.


The climate is tropical, warm and humid with rainy season October through April and dry season May through September. Rainy season is still a nice time to visit Bali, although December and January are often very wet months.


The food in Bali is something else. With so many Australian expats, there are a ton of Australian influenced cafes and restaurants. They all have healthy choices and you can find a smoothie bowl or avocado on toast just about anywhere. The local food is served at warungs and consist of a lot of rice and eggs and tempeh. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, Canggu has endless options for you.

We recommend The Shady Shack for delicious, super healthy bites, Crate Cafe for large, cheap breakfasts and Dandelion for an authentic, Indonesian meal in a nice garden setting. The best way to find new places though is to hop on your scooter and zip around the streets to find your favorite spots to chow down.

visit canggu


Bali is home to thousands of expats, and the community is always growing. There are regularly various events and meetups occurring and we work closely with our workspace partners to share them. For the absolute best community feel we recommend Dojo Bali to really connect with others, learn at masterminds and make life long friends. They also regularly hold cultural trips and community outreach programs to clean up Bali and learn more about the local culture.

Weekend Trips

For a weekend trip we always recommend checking out Ubud, the yoga/zen oasis in the heart of the rice fields. Not a far drive, this charming town in the jungle has lots to see and is a great place to get away and recharge.

For a more fast-paced trip, we recommend Uluwatu, the amazing surf spot just a couple hours drive. Here you can watch the surfers by day then head to a beach club for an afternoon of letting loose. 

And, before you head to Bali, check out our post of things to know before you go.

Bali has so much to offer, and at very affordable prices, it’s no wonder it’s our most popular location in Asia. To book your trip to Canggu, get started below!