The Best of Portugal: Why You Should Visit Lisbon

With so many amazing cities around the world, it’s often hard to choose where to go. Lisbon is one of the most visited cities in Europe and it’s no wonder. With amazing architecture, colorful tiles, culture and food, this is why you should visit Lisbon.

What’s Lisbon like?

This fantastic city is the capital of Portugal. Lisbon is an amazing, diverse city with cobblestone streets, trams and rolling hills. Nicknamed the city of 7 hills, you’ll definitely do a lot of walking here. Partially destroyed by an earthquake decades ago, much of the city and it’s history still remains. It’s bustling with lots to see and do, and eat and drink. Many say it reminds them of San Francisco with a similar bridge and many hills, but we know it has much more charm and history. Lisbon has a diverse population and culture, they speak Portuguese and are influenced by various parts of Europe. Fado, a popular dance, originated here.


lisbonThe climate is great in Lisbon, with fairly mild winters and hot, hot, hot summers. Like other cities in Europe, if you prefer to visit when there are less people around, the shoulder seasons of March – June and September – December are the best times to visit. Summer is of course beautiful here too, however it’s quite busy and super hot (hello 90F, 40C).


Portuguese food is desired by many. Famous for Pastel de Nata’s, the sweet custard/egg filled tart adored by many, Portugal also has great green wine, grown in the North, delicious coffee and unbeatable seafood. We recommend breakfast at the Sama Sama, for delicious crepes, lunch at the Mercado da Ribeira which has many different food options to choose from and dinner at O Chiado, a Portuguese restaurant.


We recommend living in Principe Real, a more upscale and trendy neighborhood that has fantastic shopping and eateries. If you prefer to be central, Chiado – Baixa are other areas we recommend, with amazing history and cozy bars and eateries.


Lisbon has one of the most active expat communities in Europe, with lots of people calling this city home thanks to it’s great climate and affordability. There is always something going on in this city, with meetups and events every night. Learn a new skill, join a running group or meet new people over drinks – it’s up to you! Plus see what the weekly happenings are on TimeOut Lisbon.

Weekend Trips

Lisbon is a great city to be based out of, with easy access to the rest of the country as well as Europe. A trip to Lisbon is not complete without a weekend at the Algarve Coast, the mesmerizing southern coast of Lisbon with amazing rock formations and beaches. Also worth a visit, is the northern city of Porto – do a wine tasting and wander the historic streets or take a cruise down the Douro river.

Lisbon has so much to offer, its no wonder it’s one of our most popular locations. Get started below!