Want a Flexible Job? These are the Fastest Growing Remote Roles

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One of the most common questions we get asked at Behere is, “How do I find a flexible job that allows me to work from anywhere, so I can start living how I want?”

Well, we have good news for all you flexible job seeking ladies looking to land your dream gig! Our partners at Flexjobs recently analyzed tens of thousands of job listings in their database to determine the top ten job categories where job postings have increased by more than 20% in the last year. With such an increase in the flexible job market, it’s an exciting time to pursue opportunities in these fields. So brush up those resumes, tweak those Linkedin profiles and get applying! Read on to see the top 10 Flexible Job Categories.


10 Fastest-Growing Flexible Job Categories


1. Editing

Sharpen your metaphorical pencils and get those creative juices flowing, editing is a super hot and growing industry to be a part of. From copywriting, to copy editor to online editors, there’s lots of opportunity to refine, refine, refine and spread some beautiful words.

  • Start looking for editing jobs: here


2. Writing

Have a love for language and sharing your thoughts, opinions and passions with the world? Try becoming a writer. With a range of job titles from freelance writer to niches such as resume writer, you’re sure to find a writing gig that fits for you.

  • Start looking for writing jobs: here


3. Data Entry

Might not have the most glamorous title but when it comes to plugging in those numbers it most often can be done from anywhere (like a cute cafe in Barcelona with Behere). If you don’t mind numbers, or data, or you’ve got a quantitative brain this job category might be where to start looking for your remote role. Bookkeeper, data entry clerk, and quantitative market researcher are some of the most common titles you can pick up in this category.

  • Start looking for data entry jobs: here


4. Advertising & PR

Might not seem like the most flexible of jobs but with the help of technology, roles in advertising and PR are becoming more and more flexible. If you’re already an account executive, representative or manager this might be the time to make a switch into something that better fits your lifestyle.

  • Start looking for advertising and PR jobs: here


5. Event Planning

Yes, even event planning has flexibility! Much of the managing, coordinating and organizing of events can be done through the internet and phone calls, leaving you flexible to work from where you please. If you’ve got a knack for organizing and are the ‘planner’ of your friends, this career shift might be sounding pretty good right now. Roles like event planner, coordinator and assistant are some of the most popular.

  • Start looking for event planning jobs: here


6. News & Journalism

This is a huge and growing, but rather competitive category. Producers, editors, writers alike all fit into it and have the ability to be flexible. News happens everywhere and sometimes writing about it from a new city, might lead to new and fresh finds.

  • Start looking for news & journalism jobs: here


7. Internet & Ecommerce

Technology has created so many new roles and industries and is of course always growing. From digital strategists to social media coordinators, managers and more, the internet and e-commerce roles are aplenty. Happy searching!

  • Start looking for internet & e-commerce jobs: here


8. Account Management

If you’ve held roles along the lines of Account Manager, Executive or even Sales Representative, then there’s a good chance you’ll be a great candidate for a remote role in this category. Peruse the list below!

  • Start looking for account management jobs: here


9. Computer & IT

“Have laptop, will work from anywhere,” may be the dream for many but if you work in IT or tech, it can also be a reality. Roles like system engineer, business analyst and IT project manager top the list of common job titles. So go use your awesome technology to land your dream remote role.

  • Start looking for computer & IT jobs: here


10. Accounting & Finance

If crunching numbers is your thing and you’ve got some experience doing it, pursuing a flexible role in accounting and finance won’t be too challenging. Roles like Accountants and Bookkeepers have the opportunity to be fully remote. Check out some of the companies hiring for them below.

  • Start looking for accounting & finance jobs: here

Good luck and happy flexible job searching!

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