This is How You Can Negotiate Flexible Work

flexible work

Want to transition to remote work but unsure where to start?

This is a common question in today’s workforce. Flexible work policies are on the rise, but most organizations are still lacking them. Majority of employees, want more flexibility at work and many will consider leaving a role if it lacks flexibility. 

To help make remote work a reality for you, we’ve outlined our steps to asking for flexible work, and shared our resources. With countless studies and research on remote work indicating it makes employees more productive, creative and loyal, we know the benefits are worth it.

So, we put together tools and resources to help you feel prepared and confident in discussing it with your boss. This is the future of work – we want to help you get there.

Follow our steps below and use our tools for a well-informed discussion with your organization, about the future of work.

1. Research your company’s remote work, telecommuting and flexible work policies

By doing a quick check, you will know if your company already has policies in place (sometimes they exist but are not being utilized). If these policies already exist, it will make your conversation a bit easier, but if not, these resources will help.

2. Find out if other companies in your industry have flexible work policies

If companies in your industry already have flexible work policies, it may be easier to convince your organization to implement them as well. Information is important when presenting a new idea, the more you have, the better prepared you will be!

3. Schedule a meeting with your boss to go over it

It is important not to just spring this on your boss over their morning coffee or lunch. You can start the conversation by giving them this letter and then schedule a meeting (not during lunch), to go over the information and research you have on flexibility.

4. Be prepared – bring research & stats on the benefits of flexible work for your employer

Bringing proven studies and data on the benefits of flexible work, for both employers and employees, will really help your case. We have compiled some stats and research in an easy to understand, highlights-driven tool. Get the resource for free here.

Some of the research highlights include:

  • 91% of respondents are more productive when working remotely
  • Remote workers are 20% more productive
  • 82% of telecommuters report lower stress and better mental health, in addition to healthier and happier
  • Flexible employees accomplish 30% more in less time
  • Working remotely saves your company $11,000 yearly per employee
  • Flexibility creates more loyal employees – 85% of millennials want flexible work
  • Saved commute time – a 30 minute commute results in 20 wasted hours a month

5. Research tools that will keep you connected to the team and give your boss confidence in you

We put together a resource for this as well. There’s a list of tools for flexible/remote workers that can be found here. (Try using some services/platforms that are common practice in your office already)

6. Outline what remote working will look like for you

Make sure to explain how you will handle working remotely, while excelling in your role. This might include how you will adapt hours to fit your company hours, regardless of the time zone you are in.

7. Highlight that you will have high-speed wifi at your new, inspiring workspace

Absolutely crucial to getting your employer on board, is showing them you will be capable of producing quality work, from wherever you are. Through utilizing a platform like Behere, you will be able to seamlessly transition from the first day in your new city. Additionally your new coworking space, (with tested high-speed wifi!) will help you tap into your creativity.

8. Finally, offer a trial run

Make it clear that you are asking for flexible work options, not trying to jump right into being a full-time remote employee. Suggest a flexible working month, giving your employer and yourself the chance to test it out, to ensure it is the right fit.

At Behere, we’re passionate about making it easier for women to live and work from where they want. Nailed that flexible job and ready to live in your dream city? Get started below!