Here’s How You To Reset After Overdoing it This Long Weekend

After all the parties and over-eating this long weekend, you probably feel a bit bloated and sluggish. That’s why we’re sharing actionable tips to help you reset after a long weekend. Skip the guilt about that extra drink or sweet treat, and focus on how to get back on track! Start by drinking lots of water, and follow these tips…

Reset your Sleep Schedule

You tend to eat more junk and work out less when you’re tired, so allow yourself to get back on track with early bedtimes and a good night’s rest. Getting 7+ hours of rest is vital to getting your body back on track and waking up feeling refreshed.

Don’t Cut Calories

You want to keep your metabolism going, so don’t skip breakfast! Fuel up throughout the day with raw fruit and veggies, lean protein, and complex carbs. Start your morning with a green juice or smoothie, and continue hydrating with water. Flushing out the toxins of the weekend will reduce bloat and get you feeling back to normal.

If you’re going back to work try making a big batch of smoothies the night before, and freezing them in single-serving, sealed containers. You can take one out the night before, or morning of, let it defrost, and be set with a healthy breakfast for the remainder of the week!

Snack Smart

Foods like bananas and melon are the perfect detox snacks. Melon is filled with water to assist with hydration, and bananas are filled with potassium which reduces bloat by flushing out sodium. Other foods rich in potassium are yogurt and raisins. Snacking on vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes are high-fibre, healthy choices.

Reduce the Things you Overdid

You likely ate too much sugar or drank too much over the long weekend, so cut down on those as much as possible. Avoid artificial sweeteners in your coffee or doughnuts in the break room. If you’re craving something sweet, try fresh fruit, dates, or a square of dark chocolate. If you’re going to drink, stick to one or two, and choose drinks like wine, dry cider, or clear spirits with a low sugar mix, like a vodka soda.

reset after a long weekend

Get Back to your Exercise Goals

Ease into your exercise routine, as you don’t want to launch into an extreme workout that might leave you injured. Start small with a walk outside, and on day two get back to it with a spin or hot yoga class. Sweating it out will leave you feeling energized for your next workout, while ridding you body of those long weekend toxins.

Allowing for yourself to enjoy is important but making sure it doesn’t ruin your whole week, or even month, is crucial. So follow these tips to get you back on your feet and feeling great again in no time.

Written by Katie Tatham – @kltatham (Canadian wanderer + outdoor enthusiast)

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