Just in Time for Summer Travels… Enter Our Giveaway!

Summer is finally heating up and we’re getting excited for summer travels. At Behere, we know the importance of reliable bags for your adventures, that’s why we’re SO excited to announce our latest giveaway. We’ve teamed up with Milleny to give a lucky winner one of their amazing bags, PLUS a $200 credit for your next trip with Behere – heck yes! 

A bit about Milleny…

We love that Milleny is also female founded, and focused on making your travels easier. The team at Milleny knows our lifestyles are more demanding than ever, which means we all need additional support when it comes to everyday items that take us from point A to B. Our lives need to be fuss-free, and our clothing and accessories need to reflect this. Not just stylish, but working hard to provide us with the support we need to achieve our goals.

Milleny provides that support by creating a collection of fuss-free, high-quality bags that stand the test of morning commutes, happy hours and overseas flights – without compromising on style or practicality.

All Milleny bags feature smart interiors to keep your essentials well organized, and easily accessed. They also made sure both their tote and backpack could slide over luggage handles, so you can travel comfortably, and hands-free.

They aim to make your daily hustle, and business travel, a bit easier, so you don’t feel weighed down, or caught without the things you need.

And of course, what we do at Behere…

At Behere, we’re focused on helping you explore cities around the world, without losing your routine. On Behere you can find and book apartments, workspaces and fitness studios, in one easy to use platform. We’re helping connect you to vetted flexible spaces to make it a better travel experience for your trip, whether for work or fun.

To enter the giveaway, click here and follow the instructions on our Instagram post. The contest is open until Friday June 21 at 5pm EST. Good luck and happy travels!

The winner of the giveaway gets to choose between the following MILLENNY Bags:


BRERA Tote (in Black or Navy)
This 3-in-1 Work Bag has all the space and pockets you need to organise everything in one place. The addition of a removable laptop bag with a detachable strap, and snap out wallet means you can take just what you need. Whether you’re headed to a business meeting or for cocktails with the girls, you’ll have everything you need for your day, from start to finish.

summer giveawayBISCAYNE Backpack (in Black, Navy, Sand or Mauve)
Support your everyday lifestyle, with this timeless and versatile backpack. Perfectly combining sleek and contemporary style with functionality. This backpack features multiple compartments, sturdy wide straps, and all the space you need to get you through the day. Ideal for the modern day go-getter to access everything on the go.

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This Company is Changing the Game for Young Women in Tech

Over the last year, our team at Behere (85% women!) has worked relentlessly at our mission to provide support and a flexible foundation for women. We’ve had the opportunity to speak with thousands of amazing women, as well as numerous female-focused companies that share this goal.
One of the core values at Behere is supporting other female-focused initiatives that provide education and support for women following their passions. Our team knows all too well that for women, it can be intimidating getting involved in the tech world or putting yourself out there to learn about it. Our CEO, Meesen Brown, has shared some of these challenges that come with entering a male dominated industry.
So when we came across #BUILTBYGIRLS she immediately fell in love with the concept and wanted to become more involved, noting, “I wish something like this existed when I was a younger, it’s such a great resource for young women interested in learning more about tech.”
Recently, our team had an chance to chat with the #BUILTBYGIRLS team and learn more about their mission and how we can help inspire and encourage more young women in tech.
Read our chat below and learn how you can get involved in helping provide inspiration, education, mentorship and guidance for young women in tech.

Tell us, what is #BUILTBYGIRLS?

#BUILTBYGIRLS is a social impact brand developed in 2014 to build up the next generation of leaders in tech – who just happen to be girls. We were created to show young women the endless possibilities for a career in tech.

What is the mission at #BUILTBYGIRLS?

#BUILTBYGIRLS is every future tech leader’s secret weapon. At a moment in time where everyone is talking about girls in STEM, we recognize that code is just the beginning. We help young women step boldly into their first career through community, 1:1 professional guidance, and practical resources to help her land her dream job.

young women in techWho exactly is #BUILTBYGIRLS for?

All young women.

Why it #BUILTBYGIRLS so important, especially for young women in tech today?

There is a huge lack of diversity in tech, which is not only greatly affecting the current landscape but also the future of this industry. Young women don’t see themselves in this field and those who are bold enough to break into it often don’t last long.
#BUILTBYGIRLS exists to embolden young women to step confidently into their tech career. We exist to be that community for her, so she perseveres and understands the endless opportunities for a career powered by tech.

Want to get involved?

Join us in helping young women see the possibilities for a career in tech! Become a #BUILTBYGIRLS Advisor so you can share your career trajectory and embolden the new wave of tech leaders.

Sign up to be an Advisor
Follow #BUILTBYGIRLS on Instagram
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Images and words courtesy of #BUILTBYGIRLS.

Meet our Bali City Host and Female Founder, Ulla

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our team connected with this outstanding, energetic woman in Bali and are so glad we did. Ulla Risager has created a company that fosters connections and aligns with our values at Behere in many ways. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Ulla as a our Behere Bali City Host!
Ulla has managed to travel extensively, find her passion, start a company and fill her life with purpose. Read on to see how she’s accomplished this and started a company, while living in Bali.

  female founder Ulla

We’re so excited to highlight you, tell us your story…

“Hi, I’m Ulla! I’m originally from Denmark and currently live in Bali, where I run my business, Learn With Locals. It’s a platform that offers handpicked learning experiences to travellers and anyone wanting to learn something unique, from an inspiring community of locals.
A few years ago, I left my job in Amsterdam where I was working for a travel startup. I remember when they asked when I wanted to take my vacation days. With only 2-3 weeks, I tried to decide when I wanted to take time off and where I’d travel to. I couldn’t choose.
I recall thinking, “Life is too short to be sitting behind this desk everyday and only really ‘living’ for 5 weeks a year.” No way – so I left.

It was a new beginning for me.

I had been job searching for a while, before leaving my job in Amsterdam I’d worked for Airbnb in Ireland and Google in Barcelona. I’d realised though, it didn’t matter what kind of ‘cool, we’ve-got-ping-pong-tables/free coffee, free drinks on Friday’ company I joined. If I didn’t have the flexibility to travel – and to realize and discover my potential and purpose in this world – nothing really mattered.
Back in 2015, I’d also survived a terrorist attack in Paris, and spent a good amount of time thinking about the meaning of life. I realised, life is short and the only sure thing in this world is that you won’t get out alive.
So I decided to travel. After traveling to the US, Cuba and Mexico, I bought a one-way ticket to Bali and went on to start Learn With Locals.
Starting a company is like jumping off a cliff not knowing where you will land. But you work day and night to make sure you’re headed in the right direction!

female founder Ulla

What exactly is Learn with Locals?

“Learn with Locals is a community of people eager to experience, share and learn from others; for you to travel deeper and connect with inspiring individuals.

Our community consists of passionate locals that share their hobbies, crafts and skills.  A passion they’ve carefully cultivated over time, as a self-starter and micro-entrepreneur in Bali.

The vision behind Learn With Locals is to give locals a chance to create new sources of income. All while helping tourists, expats, and locals, experience their destination in new, meaningful ways.

We offer a selection of curated and hand-picked experiences, workshops and classes ranging from creative, crafty experiences to technical, culinary and cultural events and workshops.

You can check out our website here: www.learnwithlocals.io/ and follow us on IG @learnwithlocals.”

We’re thrilled Ulla has joined the Behere team as our Bali City Host and, that we’ve partnered with Ulla and Learn with Locals for our community.
Find your apartment, plus workspace and fitness studio in Bali on Behere then head there to connect with Ulla – and attend one of her many amazing workshops!
Photos and words courtesy of Ulla Risager and Learn With Locals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

How to Choose? Coworking Spaces vs Cafes vs WFH

Guest Post By: Nisha Garigarn

It’s 2018, more than ever, people are on the go. Working from their laptops wherever there is an internet connection. Home is where the wifi connects automatically, as they say.

For remote workers living in cities, there are plenty of workspaces to choose from. That begs the question, where should you get work done? Well, it depends! How to choose…

Coworking Spaces vs Cafes vs Working from Home

I’ve been a digital nomad for the past few years and have spent my fair share of time remote working from home, cafes, and coworking spaces. Here’s the low down on my pros and cons of each option.

1) HOME:

coworking spaces vs cafes

Working from home is still an oldie but goodie in today’s option-ridden world. It’s also the easiest choice, since you can wake up and start doing work right from your bed in your PJs.

Many top performers have elaborate setups with multiple monitors and customized ergonomic chairs to create the ultimate working experience. Perhaps you’ve seen those Pinterest-perfect home office desks decorated with anything your heart desires. Working from home allows you to personalize your workspace however you want, as it is entirely your own space.

For those with kids at home or dogs to walk, it can be convenient to stay home and work rather than worry about commuting.

Home is comfortable, but perhaps it can be too comfortable. For instance, I sometimes will find myself waking up from a midday nap and don’t know how I got there. Or I’ll procrastinate by doing dishes and laundry instead of focusing on my work.

And you can decorate your home office all you want, but you won’t be able to recreate that energy of being around other people who are working on what they are passionate about.

Pros: comfortable, free

Cons: lots of distractions, lonely

2) CAFE:

coworking spaces vs cafes

Just a few years ago, it used to only be a few writers taking up cafe seats with lattes and laptops, plugging away at scripts. Nowadays, every seat is booked up with a laptop wielding professional. Designers, developers, copywriters, photographers, Facebook-browsers, you name it.

I am a fan of the bustling atmosphere and ease of access. I can go straight from the sidewalk into the cafe and get online quick.

To find a good cafe, you need to constantly be on the prowl. Similar to the hottest clubs, the best cafes will fill up just months after launching, so there is only a short period of time during which you can take advantage of the chill setting before the crowds set in. Once that happens, you’re more likely to show up and be disappointed with your productivity because coffee shops just weren’t created for people to work from their laptops for hours on end.

If you ever do find that elusive cafe with reliable wifi, good vibes, strong coffee, and plentiful seats… never tell a single soul.

Pros: cheap, lively atmosphere

Cons: loud, crowded, unreliable wifi, need to constantly buy coffees or croissants, difficult to find good ones


coworking spaces vs cafes

Coworking spaces have come to the rescue in a huge way. Every major city now has a wide array of spaces, ranging from chains like WeWork to the smaller, independently-owned nooks. There’s even coworking spaces just for women. Some of the best coworking spaces for women can be found here. There are even apps like Croissant which let you go to a bunch of different spaces with one membership.

For coworking spaces, reliable wifi and comfortable seating is a given. Usually there are also phone booths, printing, unlimited coffee, and networking events included in the membership. Some spaces take it much further with amenities— I’ve seen everything from rooftop open bar happy hours to 3D printing to kombucha on-tap.

Coworking spaces will keep you focused and give you opportunities to serendipitously meet other interesting people from different industries. The ability to connect with other hardworking, driven people doing things their are passionate about is exciting.

However, that comes at a price. Depending on the coworking space’s location and amenities, it can be quite an expense each month.

Pros: luxurious, focused, friendly

Cons: they aren’t free

Luckily, as a remote worker, you don’t have to choose just one workspace. You can work from a coworking space one day, and a cafe to switch it up. Workspace freedom is one of the biggest perks of being a remote worker and you can enjoy being inspired by different surroundings depending on your mood. Happy roaming!

Nisha is the Co-founder of Croissant, a coworking app that unlocks multiple coworking space in cities around the world.

Women Making Moves | Judith Martinez of InHerShoes

What would you do if you were 1% more courageous?

That’s the question at the heart of InHerShoes’s beginnings and mission as an organization. And like most stories of courage, it started with one particular moment of fear. At least for InHerShoes Founder, Judith Martinez, it did.

Judith shares what inspired her to start InHerShoes and how she’s encouraging young women to be that 1% more courageous. Read her story below.

You know those things in your life that you’ve always wanted?

Yeah, that thing.

The one that just popped in your head as you read the words to yourself.

Well for me, it was law school. InHerShoes really began when I finally got the thing that I always wanted (or thought I wanted), and realized once I had it, it had nothing to do with what I actually wanted after all.

The sparknotes version; I got accepted to my dream law school after working toward it my entire 20+ years of life. But I declined it. I realized what I really wanted was to be an entrepreneur. I just had never thought I was smart enough, good enough, ready enough, talented enough, old enough, and wealthy enough to actually be it.

Simply, I wasn’t enough.

After doing some major eat, pray love time, I really learned how much of my life wasn’t mine. It was really the Yellow Brick Road my family, friends, and society paved for me.

inhershoesHow could I check all the boxes of what it looked like to be a “successful” educated, first generation, graduating-with-honors young woman – and yet be so unhappy and unfulfilled?

Being a first generation Filipina American; education, let alone success, were not only intertwined, they were non-negotiable.

After declining my law school acceptance, I gave myself the permission to ask: what do I really want to do, despite being afraid to do it? From that moment, InHerShoes was born and our mission to catalyze courage for women everywhere to live and create a life being 1% more courageous at a time became a reality.

And what exactly is InHerShoes?

As an organization, we pride ourselves as being the non-profit of the millennial generation. We provide high school girls the seed grant funding to start their own ventures. These ventures catalyze courage in local communities and activate the new leadership of a generation. For recent college graduates and professional women, we provide community, celebration, and courage to expand what we think is possible.”

– Judith Martinez, InHerShoes Founder

You can learn more about InHerShoes and ways to get involved at www.inhershoesmvmt.org.
OR check them out on Instagram @InHerShoesMvmt and @jud.ithmartinez.

We love highlighting women and helping women be more courageous. Learn more about Behere below!