female founders

summer giveaway
Posted by Behere | 18 June 2019

Summer is finally heating up and we’re getting excited for summer travels. At Behere, we know the importance of reliable bags for your adventures, that’s why we’re SO excited to...

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young women in tech
Posted by Behere | 15 November 2018

Over the last year, our team at Behere (85% women!) has worked relentlessly at our mission to provide support and a flexible foundation for women. We’ve had the opportunity to...

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female founder
Posted by Behere | 30 March 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our team connected with this outstanding, energetic woman in Bali and are so glad we did. Ulla Risager has created a company that fosters connections and aligns with our values at...

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coworking spaces
Posted by Behere | 26 March 2018

Guest Post By: Nisha Garigarn It’s 2018, more than ever, people are on the go. Working from their laptops wherever there is an internet connection. Home is where the wifi...

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Posted by Behere | 12 February 2018

What would you do if you were 1% more courageous? That’s the question at the heart of InHerShoes’s beginnings and mission as an organization. And like most stories of courage,...

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