How To 'Design' Your Life, One You Truly Love

We know the obvious ways design is part of our lives – through architecture, decor, fashion, art, food, the list goes on.

But have you ever thought about the actual ‘design’ of your life? Of what your ideal life looks like? Versus your current life design?

When you stop to ponder this, you realize your life is something that you too can design, and something you have control over the design of.

Let’s discuss for a minute the notion of flexibility…

Not just flexibility in the sense of stretching and yoga, but flexibility in our day-to-day lives, routines and work. Having the flexibility to design your day is something everyone strives for in today’s society.

Flexible work has become a hot topic, as more people are trying to find work-life balance. Employees are requesting flexible work options to have more time for themselves, the things they enjoy and the people they love.

Whether you’re a mother that wants to pick up your child, someone that is sick of sitting in rush hour traffic for two hours, or someone who desires to experience new places and people, flexible work is what you want.

Women especially value flexibility.

how to design your life

In a world and workforce that was created by men and for men, women are striving to find a way to live how they want.

Whether it’s because they are fed up with toxic office environments, don’t resonate with the 9-5 work structure, or have a penchant for travel and autonomy, more and more women aspire to create alternative frameworks in which they can thrive on their own terms.

This notion of seeking more and trying to live outside the box is something many women have dreamt of but few have pursued. Fear of the unknown, change, risk, danger, failing or even fear of succeeding and loving it too much, all hold us back.

If you can shake these fears and take that leap, the possibilities are endless.

You can design your lifestyle.

It’s as simple as that.

You can live in the middle of America one month, then decide you’re going to move to Bali the next. You can spend your whole life saying “what if ’s” and making excuses, or you can go ahead and actually do it. And once you do it opens a world of possibilities.

The value, knowledge and life-long memories you gain from pushing yourself out your comfort zone to live abroad are endless. You no longer have to settle for staying in the same town or city you grew up in, or falling into the same daily routine that no longer excites or serves you.

You can break free and learn – from adventure, from experience, from new cultures, people, places, cuisines and get to know this beautiful world we’re so lucky to call our home.

You can choose to design a life you truly love, one that meets all your needs and wants.

That’s the goal of what we’ve created at Behere.

To help women design lives they really love, through living in cities around the world, a month at a time.

The notion of moving to a new city is exciting, but also frightening and overwhelming.

We’ve been there; we get it.

That’s why we’ve taken care of all the getting set up and settled down parts, so you can continue your life – in a new city. We also know the decision to start your flexible lifestyle is one of the best decisions you’ll make.

Oh, and science has proved it too

In a recent study about the benefits of living abroad, it showed living abroad actually helps you find yourself (something most of us are trying to do). It helps you do this because when you’re away from your home environment and exposed to different people, cultures and values, you realize which values you have that are your own and which are simply a product of your upbringing.

This can be best summed up in a quote by the German Philosopher, Hermann von Keyserling: “The shortest path to oneself leads around the world”.

bali breakfast

So what does this global-flexible lifestyle look like?

It could be spending a month in Spain, a month in Bali, 3 months in the Croatia, a month in Thailand or a build your-own “Eat Pray Love” experience.

That’s the beauty of your flexible lifestyle: you design it how you like.

“What about work, my job, my company?”

Technology has you covered on that one.

Thanks to the rapidly growing innovations of today, we can now speak with people all over the world face-to-face (or rather through a screen with our faces on it), we can communicate instantly with teams via platforms like Slack, Google Docs and more.

We are always, and instantly, connected, wherever the wifi might be.

Does this really help me be more productive?

What’s more are the benefits this lifestyle can have on your work that you won’t truly realize until you’ve done it.

You’ll feel more inspired by your new environments, more creative and more productive. You’re no longer distracted by office conversations, unnecessary meetings, loud coworkers (or barista’s if you’re a coffee shop working kinda gal). You’ll feel refreshed and invigorated by the new sensations and sights around you.

Excited by the possibilities, by the world, by your oh-so-delicious pizza at lunch, or your vino tinto by the beach at sunset. You feel free.

Free to do what you want.

To design your day; today, tomorrow, next week, month, etc. You can work on your passion projects or you can pour your reinvigorated heart into your work.

Don’t get me wrong though, this is not a vacation.

It is a lifestyle. An actual, sustainable, possible lifestyle. One that you will have to work at achieving and maintaining.

The reality is, you will still have the problems you had at home. There will still be bad days, laundry and work to be done.

But that’s the point. Not to run away from your life, but to design your life. The way you want it.

how to design your life

So try this: write out your ideal day. What it looks like, what you do, what it’s filled with. Where in the world are you? Where do you want to be?

Write down what you want your day and lifestyle to look like. There you’ll have it.

Your flexible lifestyle design.

Now, go make it happen.

Written by Behere CEO, Meesen Brown. Originally shared in Belong Mag.