Female Founders We Love: Fairygodboss, a Network for Women

We caught up with the female founders of Fairygodboss, Romy Newman and Georgene Huang, to chat about their inspiration, the importance of work-life balance, and creating a network for women, by women.


The idea of Fairygodboss began when Georgene was 2 months pregnant (and hiding it) while looking for a job. She realized that she had specific questions for her new job, given her situation, but her network and resources were limited. She wanted to know which companies were good to women; which companies gave them opportunities for top-level roles and assignments? Which companies paid them fairly?

Looking to fill this void, Georgene asked Romy to be her co-founder and Fairygodboss was created. Romy describes it as “free, anonymous company reviews…with the mission of improving the workplace for women through transparency”. Today, you can visit Fairygodboss for information on companies’ policies on maternity leave, work-life balance and remote work. You can also leave comments on your current employer and join the conversation.

Romy and Georgene created a place where women have a voice, so we wanted to know what women are saying. They told us women look for diversity and work/life balance in their employers and appreciate companies that establish boundaries for commitments and family time. Romy also notes the isolation women frequently feel in the workplace, “they greatly value the opportunity to connect with other senior women – but due to ongoing attrition among their ranks, women have trouble finding those relationships within their organizations”.

Today, women are constantly exposed to the harsh criticism of social media. But Fairygodboss stresses the importance of staying positive within their network. Their website features a striking line: “The Golden Rule: Be constructive, not destructive”. User-Generated Content can be risky, as it can quickly lose its productivity. Romy and Georgene explain, “we want the voices on our site to be heard, and drive impact – and that is best achieved when the content we collect is thoughtful and insightful”.

At Behere we talk a lot about work/life balance, so we asked Romy and Georgene what that looks like to them, and how women can achieve it. They explained that, as we are always connected to technology, it’s not about the hours worked, but the time set aside to truly disconnect and spend time doing what you love. Flexibility in the workplace is becoming more common, and focusing on life outside of work will allow both men and women to flourish as employees. When looking for a job at a company that is at the forefront of adaptive practices, Romy and Georgene recommend that women seek out companies that already have a strong female presence. “Knowing that women achieve leadership roles and remain engaged with the organization is a sure sign of a women-friendly organization,” Romy explains.

As Fairygodboss continues to grow, Romy and Georgene aim to be the #1 career community for women. “We want to be a constant and useful resource to all career-minded women for challenges and issues they face – around job seeking, promotion, transitions, harassment, workplace conflict and even less weighty topics like what they should wear to work”. Tackling these topics is no small feat, but Fairygodboss is up for the challenge, and standing with the women who face these questions every day.


Written by Katie Tatham – @kltatham (Canadian wanderer & outdoor enthusiast)

Photo courtesy of Fairygodboss

6 Major Benefits to Offering Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible work arrangements are a hot topic right now, and rightfully so. Employees have a need, and want, for more flexibility that extends well beyond the desire to sit at home in pjs all day.

These flexible work programs range from:

  • flexible hours
  • telecommuting
  • remote work days, weeks, months
  • full time remote-work


Does Your Industry Have Flexible Work Arrangements?

These industries are at the forefront of flexible work and have already implemented flexible working programs. While that is great it’s clear, more industries and employers have to recognize that flexible work is essential. In order for organizations to attract top talent, they must provide these options.

Plus, the benefits to both organizations and the employees are overwhelming:

  • Increased productivity
  • Huge cost savings
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Environmental benefits and more!

So we’ve put together a list of some of the largest benefits for employers. (Trying to convince your boss you should work remotely? Read this.)

  1. Higher Productivity:

    •  93% of employees say they are most productive when working outside the office due to less office distractions and 75% of managers agree remote employees increase company productivity
  2. Reduces Employee Turnover:

  3. Decreased Costs:

    • Companies save on average $11,000/year for each remote working employee with less overhead, office supplies, electricity etc.
  4. More Engaged Employees:

    • Technology gives us the ability to connect with people anywhere, at anytime. Remote employees use this technology to stay engaged with their teams. Added bonus: their various work environments foster more creativity.
  5. Healthier Employees and Environment

    • Cutting out a 30 min commute daily saves over 20 wasted hours per month. Those hours can instead be spent on tasks and the lack of emissions provides massive environmental benefits.
  6. Lower Stress Levels and Improved Mental Health

    • With no commuting stress, there’s more time for productive work and more time to dedicate to physical fitness; all benefiting employees mental health

For companies, implementing flexible work arrangements make them a more desirable place to work and creates happier, healthier employees. These employees translate into an overall better organization, with higher productivity and increased innovation.

Many studies have shown, our best work is not done in the office, so it’s time to allow employees the flexibility they need.

Landed that flexibility to work from wherever? Pick your dream city and get started living abroad.

Creating a Work Schedule that Leaves Room for Travel

Balancing work and travel might seem unattainable for many, but these days it isn’t as challenging as it seems. In fact, as we become more globally connected, more people are ditching office desks and embracing flexible lifestyles. Striking a balance between travel and remote work isn’t always as easy as packing your bags and charging your laptop though. So we’ve compiled some tactics to help you balance your work schedule while finding time to explore.

Tactics to make remote work and travel your reality:

Build An Effective Budget

Traveling and working can be entirely feasible on even the strictest of budgets. To start, calculate how much you need to live in the locations you want to travel to. If you’ve already received the remote-work-stamp of approval from your boss or found a gig that allows you to do so, sign up for a program that does the planning for you. On Behere you can book a private apartment, coworking space and even extras like fitness classes.

Create A Powerful Time Management Strategy

Don’t limit budgeting to just your finances. Working remotely while traveling has a numerous perks, though these can lead to endless distractions. After all, finding new business leads and contacting clients can be tricky when there’s a ruin bar waiting just outside your door. Having a time budget that allots for work hours will help you keep your mind on track and free time open.

Chunk and Bundle Your Tasks

Having a budget can do wonders for your remote experience, but a bundled schedule will be the key to staying in your boss’s good graces. Bundle your check list to help you tackle your chores one at a time. Work on projects that need hyper-focus during one block and take calls by the piazza for the next.

Schedule Personal Days 

When you’re working remotely it’s vital to give yourself enough downtime. Being constantly connected can take a toil on you and leave little time for real exploration. Having a day to dive into the local culture will keep you alert when you get back, increase your productivity and allow you to truly indulge in the experience side of remote working. Though it may seem counterintuitive, if you’re returning from a holiday or long weekend, give yourself a chance to refresh, before jumping back in. Appreciate the time you had away and use your refreshed feeling to tackle new tasks.

Transitioning to a flexible lifestyle can be quite an adjustment, but you don’t have to disrupt your work life to see the world. In fact, you shouldn’t have to. Keep these tactics on hand and you’ll be on your way to managing your inbox from a new city in no time.

Ready to start traveling while you work? Learn more about how Behere can make it a seamless process.

Written by Alexandria Portee