Here’s How You To Reset After Overdoing it This Long Weekend

After all the parties and over-eating this long weekend, you probably feel a bit bloated and sluggish. That’s why we’re sharing actionable tips to help you reset after a long weekend. Skip the guilt about that extra drink or sweet treat, and focus on how to get back on track! Start by drinking lots of water, and follow these tips…

Reset your Sleep Schedule

You tend to eat more junk and work out less when you’re tired, so allow yourself to get back on track with early bedtimes and a good night’s rest. Getting 7+ hours of rest is vital to getting your body back on track and waking up feeling refreshed.

Don’t Cut Calories

You want to keep your metabolism going, so don’t skip breakfast! Fuel up throughout the day with raw fruit and veggies, lean protein, and complex carbs. Start your morning with a green juice or smoothie, and continue hydrating with water. Flushing out the toxins of the weekend will reduce bloat and get you feeling back to normal.

If you’re going back to work try making a big batch of smoothies the night before, and freezing them in single-serving, sealed containers. You can take one out the night before, or morning of, let it defrost, and be set with a healthy breakfast for the remainder of the week!

Snack Smart

Foods like bananas and melon are the perfect detox snacks. Melon is filled with water to assist with hydration, and bananas are filled with potassium which reduces bloat by flushing out sodium. Other foods rich in potassium are yogurt and raisins. Snacking on vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes are high-fibre, healthy choices.

Reduce the Things you Overdid

You likely ate too much sugar or drank too much over the long weekend, so cut down on those as much as possible. Avoid artificial sweeteners in your coffee or doughnuts in the break room. If you’re craving something sweet, try fresh fruit, dates, or a square of dark chocolate. If you’re going to drink, stick to one or two, and choose drinks like wine, dry cider, or clear spirits with a low sugar mix, like a vodka soda.

reset after a long weekend

Get Back to your Exercise Goals

Ease into your exercise routine, as you don’t want to launch into an extreme workout that might leave you injured. Start small with a walk outside, and on day two get back to it with a spin or hot yoga class. Sweating it out will leave you feeling energized for your next workout, while ridding you body of those long weekend toxins.

Allowing for yourself to enjoy is important but making sure it doesn’t ruin your whole week, or even month, is crucial. So follow these tips to get you back on your feet and feeling great again in no time.

Written by Katie Tatham – @kltatham (Canadian wanderer + outdoor enthusiast)

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The Travel Essentials Every Globetrotting Woman Needs

As much as we love traveling, it’s definitely not always a breeze. Nowadays, there are so many options and products designed to ‘make your life easier’ while traveling. But how many of these really do? We’ve put together our tried and tested top 5:

Here’s our list of the best travel essentials for women:

1) Suitcase: Tech friendly, durable and lightweight

Behere Recommends: AWAY
Instagram: @away

Rushing through busy airports and train terminals is something we can’t avoid but having a suitcase that handles it with ease certainly helps. It’s essential to have a bag that’s easy to handle, durable, and equipped with the latest technology, while also being lightweight, sleek and affordable. Away products are lightweight and durable, with a variety of sizes and colors, plus fun accessories. Away makes your travel days a little less stressful.

2) E-reader: Compact, waterproof, long battery life

travel essentials women

Behere Recommends: Kobo or Kindle 
Instagram: @kobobooks

Bored with all that wait time while traveling? Pick up an e-reader! E-readers have so many advantages over reading e-books on your phone or tablet. Their screens are designed for reading by limiting eyestrain and the glare of the sun, are lightweight, relatively inexpensive and have a battery life of weeks. Kobo products have multiple e-reader choices, including waterproof (yes, you can read in the pool!!), a large selection of titles and are reasonably priced.  

3) Travel Wear: Comfortable, chic

travel essentials women

Behere Recommends: ADAY 
Instagram: @aday

Being comfortable while looking chic in transit is something many women struggle with. Finding the fine line between ‘I’m wearing my yoga pants’ and ‘I’m about to rip through this blazer’ is critical for everyone. ADAY has created a comfortable and chic wardrobe to fit your lifestyle. All while being technical, sustainable and seasonable.

4) Reusable Water Bottle: Eco-friendly and chemical free

Behere Recommends: BKR
Instagram: @mybkr

Staying hydrated is especially important when traveling. With so many eco-friendly reusable bottle options out there, it’s hard to pick one. As a modern lady, being environmentally conscious is essential but so is looking chic. Glass bottles are great but the fear of smashing them on the way out of your hot yoga class is not. That’s why BKR is our pick. Their bottles are chic, good for the planet and good for us. Plus they donate a portion of proceeds to good causes worldwide. 

5) Travel Pillow: A yoga mat (that doubles as a travel pillow!)

travel essentials women

Behere Recommends: Om The Go
Instagram: @omthego

Having a pillow while traveling can be a hassle, but provides so much comfort (and a chance to get in a quick nap) so we think it’s worth it. Finding the right neck pillow that doesn’t take up too much space, while still being comfortable can be challenging. Further, if you’re a yogi on the move, bringing your yoga mat usually isn’t an option. But with this 2-in-1 neck pillow and travel yoga mat from Om The Go you can have comfort while traveling, and squeeze in some yoga at your destination.

With so many women traveling everyday, we love brands that help make it easier for us! At Behere we’re making it easier for you too, by helping you travel to cities around the world, without the hassles of getting set up.

Banner photo: Away Suitcase

What to Know Before You Go to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Going to a new continent and country, like Thailand, is exhilarating! Everything is new and exciting and different and…. oh my goodness what is that smell?! 

Don’t get us wrong, Thailand is AMAZING. A country rich in culture, beautiful landscape, friendly people (they don’t call it the land of smiles for no reason!), great weather and tasty cuisine. It’s uniqueness makes it charming, wondrous and like a whole new world for many people from Western cultures.

Our team has spent the  last 5 years circling the globe hunting for the best cities, apartments, workspaces, fitness studios, restaurants and coffee shops so they know a thing or two about traveling and dealing with new environments and customs.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of things to know before you go to Thailand, specifically Chiang Mai, to make your experience even more amazing and better prepare you! Read on for some tidbits and goodies about all you’re going to experience in CM…

Culture & Traditions

  • It’s very important to note – you’re a guest in Thailand. Please respect the local culture and traditions like the below…
  • Feet are considered dirty, keep them on the ground, not on chairs, when in public or vehicles.
  • Thailand has a King, respect him and the Royal Family (there will be pictures of them around).
  • Anytime you go to temples or religious buildings cover your shoulders and knees.

Food & Drink

  • The food is different (you’re probably super excited about the delicious Thai food and eateries, like those in this post). That said, there is street food that will smell funky, and look weird. It’s part of the experience (although, you definitely don’t need to eat it).

  • There is international food though! Plus a great international grocery store (in the basement of Maya Mall that has most things you’ll want if you’re craving home).
  • Maya Mall is a modern mall with western shopping, a movie theatre that plays English speaking movies, and 2 food courts (the basement one has amaaazing burritos).
  • Iced coffee’s are a yes, tap water is a no (the ice comes from ice companies). Also, these are some of our fav coffee shops.
  • Buckets (yes literally sand castle buckets) are a popular drink in Thailand. Be careful if you have one by always pouring your own drinks into it, and watching it carefully.

Wildlife & Critters

  • Yes, you will see some roaches and creepy crawly’s. They come with the territory (yes they’re gross but not nearly as bad as subway rats, right?!).
  • Don’t ride the elephants (it’s cruel). Instead opt to visit a elephant sanctuaries, like this one. There you can feed and wash the elephants in a natural swimming hole.


  • Don’t take pictures with or go pet the tigers (it’s cruel).
  • Don’t feed the monkeys! You’re unlikely to see monkeys in Chiang Mai but they hang out around some of the temples. Do not feed or try to touch them – we’ve warned you!

Getting Around

  • You can rent a scooter (this is how many locals get around) but be mindful there can be a lot of traffic. Western driving rules don’t apply here so exercise caution.
  • If you don’t feel confident scooting – walk, take a Songthaew (a red pickup truck with a cover over the back that you sit in) or take a Grab (like Uber).


  • It will be smoggy. Chiang Mai is a city so there are lots of people, cars, scooters, and pollution.
  • (Side note: Towards the end of February until early April is Burning Season. We advise our community to skip Chiang Mai in March and early April because of the smoke/smog).
  • It will be hot! Don’t forget sunscreen (or bug spray!) and keep hydrated (7-11 has plenty of cheap, cold water and is open 24/7). Also note that Chiang Mai is in Northern Thailand so not near any beaches but there are plenty of pools to visit.
  • Most importantly… have fun!

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Eco-friendly Tips for Solo Travelers

Traveling the world has become more accessible through the innovations of remote careers, and a slew of new trendy budget airlines, just to name a few. More than ever, eager explorers embark on life-changing journeys all around the world. Some of those adventure-seekers happen to be doing so solo.

No longer seen as dangerous, or for those preferring solitude, solo travel popularity has grown in the past few years, especially among women. While it’s easy to see how one’s carbon footprint can be mitigated when traveling in groups, there are also several easy environmentally conscious options when venturing out alone.


As the digital age expands exponentially, more people are finding and creating opportunities for self-employment and working abroad. When you stay in one place for longer, you become immersed in its culture and sights. You also maintain productivity by developing a routine and discovering more resources. Slow travel encourages less environmental impact since you move less, decreasing your carbon footprint.

With Behere, you can find tips and resources dedicated to providing seamless, trustworthy, and flexible overseas experiences all in one place. Behere offers access to long-term individual apartments, workspaces and gyms in Europe and Asia, and sets you up with local hosts and communities to help ease you into your new surroundings.

If you’re traveling for a shorter time, consider lodging in shared or group housing, such as a hostel or bed and breakfast. When you have access to communal areas, it’s easier to meet other travelers and pick up local tips. Living in a shared space tends to be more budget-friendly too!


Resist the urge to overpack because you feel the need for many things you’d normally share with others. The more a plane weighs, the more fuel it has to use, therefore creating more carbon emissions. A simple rule of thumb is to never pack what you can borrow, share, or buy in the destination. Most lodgings provide basic toiletries and essentials anyways.

eco-friendly travel tipsActivities

Plan your outdoor activities to start as early as possible. When you make use of as much daylight as possible can, you require less electricity used for activities done after dusk. Tourist spots are also less crowded if you show up early. A great aspect of solo travel is you don’t have to abide by anyone else’s schedule!

There is also no need to partake in buffets and all-you-can-eat deals offered by hotels. This will help to avoid food wastage. It’s also rare to find locally produced foods in buffets.

With solo travel, you’re less inclined to use modes of transportation meant for groups, like cars and buses that emit more carbon. Instead, simpler eco-friendly forms of transportation such as bikes, electric scooters, and walking seem more appealing and allow you to see more of the city.

Other Tips

When you’re out and about for the whole day, it’s convenient to bring a portable charger – check for eco-friendly ones! These versions use recycled materials and the latest technologies to avoid early obsolescence.

Your first solo trip can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have much experience traveling. Ease your nerves while satisfying your sense of adventure by first going somewhere close, a destination accessible without a plane. Closer places create less of a carbon footprint since many transportation modes, such as air travel, can emit up to 0.9 metric tons per person for a cross-country round trip. That’s equivalent to 20% of the greenhouse gases emitted by your car in one year! You’ll conserve resources and feel more comfortable knowing you are not in a totally unfamiliar environment.

Further, you often think more about all your travel decisions when you go alone, so apply that thinking towards environmentally sustainable decisions too. One of the best parts of solo travel is you have total control in planning, so you can choose to minimize your impact on the planet!

Feeling ready to head off on an eco friendly solo adventure now? Get started with Behere below!

Tiffany is the founder and designer of Kanneo, an environmentally responsible clothing line for travel and leisure. All materials, including packaging and hang tags, are carefully chosen to be biodegradable, with little to no carbon footprint. After years of working as a designer in the NYC fashion industry, she was horrified by the realities of mass production and lack of regulations between the manufacturers and clothing companies. She no longer wanted to be on the side of fashion that contributed to the global waste crisis. Tiffany vowed to use her passions and knowledge to focus on creating products and a community that can bring change and awareness while celebrating the extraordinary planet that is our home through

The Surprising Reasons You’re Procrastinating — And How to Stop

There are many reasons why people procrastinate. Among the most common excuses are poor time management, or being easily distracted, and while these explanations may be true in some circumstances, our tendency to put things off is often a more psychological matter. As Nic Voge, the senior associate director of Princeton University’s McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, explains in his TEDxPrinceton talk, some people use procrastination as a form of self-protection. His logic (which is backed by research on self-worth theory) is this: If we perform poorly on a task, our procrastination is at fault, rather than our intellect or skill level. 

Similarly, fear of success could also play a role in your procrastination. “You may be afraid that being successful will cause problems and you will have more and more expectations upon yourself. You may become the object of competition or envy,” Jane Burka, Ph.D., a psychologist and co-author of Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now, tells Thrive. 

Though procrastination often feels unavoidable — especially when we are contending with a fear of failure or success — it’s completely manageable. And the tools to combat it are not as convoluted as you might expect. Understanding the root of your procrastination habit can help you set out on a more proactive path. If you find yourself postponing pressing tasks, ask yourself these three questions to better understand why you’re procrastinating in the first place, and how to better manage the habit moving forward.

Question #1: What am I trying to avoid? 

This is an important step to putting an end to your procrastination habit. Burka recommends asking yourself: “What difficulties would arise if I actually did my best and got this done on time? What would I have to face that I don’t have to face now?” Your answers might show you that the challenges you’d face wouldn’t be so difficult after all. Maybe you are avoiding feedback from your manager, or you’re hesitant about beginning your next project. Knowing what is holding you back will allow you to devise a plan to cope in a healthier way, and finally get your work done. 

Question #2: How do I waste my time? 

What do you usually turn to when you’re putting off a dreaded task? Maybe you log into Netflix, or take care of a much less-pressing item. Daryl Chen, the Ideas editor at TED, calls these your “‘greatest hits’ of wasting time,” and we all have them. Becoming familiar with our own habits can help us overcome them. Try identifying your top three “greatest hits” and jot them down. If you catch yourself doing one of them, take a “mindful minute” to meditate and focus on your breath. Then, bring your focus back to the task that needs to get done. 

Question #3: Why is this task meaningful? 

Recognizing the larger meaning behind your work is another way to lower procrastination, and this skill is known as “motivational competence,” Tim Pychyl, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Carleton University in Ontario, Canada, tells Thrive. While there is no “magic bullet” that will instantly spike your motivation to get something done, Pychyl says you will procrastinate less on tasks that are not only congruent with your goals, but also intrinsically motivating. 

But what exactly can you do if that larger meaning isn’t loud and clear? Upon completing a task, take a moment to recognize one distinct reason why your work is important. Did your report help your company reach a business objective? Did your email help a client solve a problem? Make a point of celebrating your own achievements. Rejoicing in the small wins can go a long way in boosting your morale, and beating procrastination. 

Originally posted on Thrive Global here. Written by Jessica Hicks, Editorial Fellow at Thrive Global.

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Looking for a New Job? Here’s How to Upgrade Your LinkedIn

We’ve all done it – been on the hunt for a new job. Maybe you’ve decided you can’t live without more job flexibility or perhaps you just want a change. Whatever it is, looking for a new job is never fun, and finding a remote or flexible role can seem even more challenging. Before you even begin the job hunt process though, you should check your social presence. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with people, and find roles, and it’s one of the first places recruiters and HR professionals look.

We want you to put your best foot forward so our team created a checklist for you to upgrade your LinkedIn so you can be better prepared to land a new role. So if you’re looking to start traveling while working remotely, or just land a role that’s better aligned with you, here’s our tips.

Our LinkedIn Tips For Upgrading Your Presence

Start with the below suggestions, and ensure your profile is updated before diving into your job hunt.

Profile Photo

  • Get serious about your photo, have new photos taken or find a recent professional one
  • Ensure the photo is clear and good quality
  • Make sure the photo is appropriate for your industry

Header Photo

  • Having a header photo helps you stand out
  • Use a relevant photo for your industry
  • If you don’t have a photo in mind, try searching minimal stock photos (Unsplash)

Professional Headline

  • Use the 120 characters allowed here effectively
  • Ensure it is up to date
  • Make sure it says what you do in concise terms

Industry & Location

  • Make sure your industry and location is up to date
  • Ensure it is set to your location (or the location you’d like to work in)

Personalized URL

  • LinkedIn now enables you to choose your URL
  • You can claim your URL in your Settings (you can customize it)
  • For example, our cofounder, Meesen’s is


  • You need one of these, even if it’s short – as this is your time to shine
  • Feel free to write from a first person or third person point of view
  • This should share a bit about you – what you do, what you’re passionate about, your top skills, your big accomplishments
  • Here you can further explain what you do, what you love to do, any major career accomplishments and any press features or awards
  • This area should also explain why a potential employer or client would connect with or want to hire you
  • Also important, it should be easy to read and grammatically correct

Work Experience

  • This area should include your current role and your last 3 – 8 roles (depending how relevant)
  • It should be in order of most recent to least recent
  • Each should explain what your role and duties are/were, as well as any special projects you worked on or lead
  • Include any major accomplishments you had at each and promotions as well


  • This should include any degrees (post secondary, doctorates, certificates, etc)
  • It should be in order of the most recent to least
  • Be sure to include any honors or significant achievements you earned as well as

Volunteer Experience

  • Your volunteer experience should include your current and past volunteering
  • It should be in order of most recent to least, listing your experience and how you helped out


  • You can now choose up to 20 relevant skills that you posses to be included on your LinkedIn
  • Choose skills that you possess and are relevant to your industry or roles you wish to have
  • Do some research into role descriptions that you’re interested in, in order to ensure you are including relevant skills on your profile


  • Go to your Settings –> Privacy and ensure that you’ve set your profile to be viewable by others including your photo, headline and experience (or whatever you wish to be seen publicly)


  • Include some personality into your profile but remember to stay professional
  • Don’t be afraid to brag – list all your accomplishments and any press features you’ve had
  • Include links to your work, press, etc.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread – have a friend or family member read through your profile and descriptions carefully

Building Your LinkedIn Presence

  • Begin by connecting with friends, classmates, colleagues etc. to start growing your presence
  • Join relevant groups or industries you are interested in
  • Follow key influencers who share things you are interested in
  • Start interacting with content others are sharing

Use the above tips to get your LinkedIn looking job hunt ready and then start reaching out. Flexible and remote jobs are becoming more and more prominent so don’t be afraid to ask about those policies during your search. If you have any other LinkedIn tips and tricks that have worked for you, let us know in the comments below!

Once you’ve landed a remote job we’re here to help you get traveling! Head to Behere to pick your next city and get started!

Managing Travel and a Freelance Career, How She Does Both

At Behere, we’re constantly inspired by the amazing women in our community. We’re thrilled to feature some of their stories and share how they’ve made traveling while working possible. From unconventional roles, to starting businesses abroad, these women have made exploring new places a priority. They share their biggest learnings, favorite memories, and advice for someone thinking about traveling more.

Today’s community feature, Jen Pellerito, spent 6 weeks this summer traveling and living in Europe. Originally from Michigan, she loves to travel and has made it a priority. After spending a month in Lisbon, she’s already planning her next adventure. Read how she manages fulfilling her love of travel, plus full-time freelance career below.

You travel a lot, what do you do for work that allows you to?

“I’m a freelance copywriter, journalist and social media manager, and I also run a travel blog! I went full-time freelance about two years ago after realizing I could earn more than I was making in my 9 to 5 job. Freelancing is wonderfully liberating because I can manage my own workload, set my own hours, and work remotely. While there are drawbacks (having no employer contribution to my benefits), ultimately, the ability to maintain a well-balanced quality of life makes it worthwhile for me.”

How has living abroad affected your work?

“I strongly believe that changing up your normal routine and environment promotes creativity and inspiration. For someone in the creative field like me, I value having new surroundings every once in awhile to keep ideas fresh. When life looks the same day in and day out, it’s too easy for me to get “stuck in a rut.” Oddly enough, even working in a different time zone than some of my clients helps moderate anxiety and the constant pressure to always be ‘on’.”

travel and freelanceHow did Behere help you on your journey?

“Behere allowed me to find community while living abroad, which was a huge help while transitioning to a new city. I was able to start my month out in Lisbon having a friend in my city host, Paulina, who showed me around and answered all the questions I had. It made a big difference to have a network already built in a new city. Right away, I had places to go, people to hang out with, and I felt like I belonged.”

Finally, what’s your #1 piece of advice for someone who’s thinking about traveling long term?

“Do it! 

Bite the bullet and get out there. Long-term travel has now become my favorite — if not the only way — I ever want to travel again. When you’re short on time, there’s so much pressure to “fit it all in.” 

Seriously, FOMO is the worst! Long-term travel gives you the opportunity to catch a breath, sink into a culture and reflect on your own life at home through a different lens. I learned more about myself and the direction I wanted to take in my life by stepping back and gaining distance. Traveling for a longer period of time is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.”

Connect with Jen on her blog:, IG @jp_ontherun, Twitter @jp_ontherun or Pinterest jp_ontherun.

Are you feeling the need for adventure now? Learn more about how Behere can help make it a reality. Check out our locations below!

Words by Jen Pellerito and images by Emanuele Siracusa.

How To Handle Judgement About Your Need to Travel

Guest Post by Allison Colin-Thome

I first began travelling, by spending a year in the U.K. for adventure and freedom.

That year became two and as I began my preparations to return home, I knew my family was expecting me to begin a life I would no longer be able to.

I was a different person. The world and all of its possibilities had started to reveal itself to me in those two years. I wouldn’t be satisfied with a stable 9-5 paycheque, climbing the corporate ladder, saving up for retirement. I just didn’t know it at the time.

So I tried. I got that Corporate job, began climbing that ladder. But every once in a while that familiar unsettling returned and I would have to set off somewhere, doing the best I could with the meager vacation time North America allows.

Every time I returned though, the rumbling was louder. I knew I was going down a path that wasn’t right for me, I just didn’t know how to get off.

It was 2013 when I first started thinking, really wanting, to live abroad again. I didn’t know where or for what purpose – other than escaping the path I was currently on. I was frozen by the judgement from others I knew I would have to confront – society, family, even friends that were making choices I ‘should have’ aspired to. It took five more years for me to eventually take the leap and book a one way ticket to Colombia.

What changed in those five years? I’d like to say that the opinions of other people stopped affecting me. Or maybe that the judgement in itself all but disappeared. Sadly, that’s not the case.

I believe it was three key things that shifted for me during that time that made the difference and gave me the courage to eventually book that ticket.

1. I Found My People

The ugly truth is that the people who don’t support your decision to travel may never. That has to be their problem though. Don’t put energy into moving a mountain when that effort is better spent elsewhere.

When I was thinking about moving abroad again I was very selective about the people I told. For the most part, I didn’t tell my friends or family. Instead, I found a whole online community of travellers who were living the nomadic life I was aspiring to. I shared with them my dreams of moving abroad and they gave me the support I desperately needed. When you surround yourself with people that are doing what you want to do, it makes it easier to ignore the people that aren’t.

travel judgement2. I Became Clear on My Why

When I moved to the U.K. it was about growing up and gaining independence. The second time I felt the urge to move abroad though, I couldn’t clearly articulate why. I had been working so hard to build this life for myself. Why would I want to put it on hold? Not being able to confidently answer that question makes it far easier for judgemental comments to seep in.

During those five years though I began exploring alternative career paths. That eventually brought me to Coaching and building my own online business. Suddenly I had my answer. Moving abroad would allow me the opportunity to focus on starting my business and kickstart my new path. It wasn’t about putting my life on ‘hold’. My future had now become more important than my past, and my travels were a key factor in making it all happen.

3. I Reflected On My Achievements

I have a theory, that the opinions and criticisms of other people more easily affect us when we believe there is truth to it. When it comes to travelling, there are people that view it merely as an ‘escape from the real world’, as if it adds no value to one’s life. But it does add value! A ton actually. Having a clear understanding of that helps those comments bounce right off.

I may still have a fear of creepy crawlers, but drop me in the middle of nowhere and I will happily find my way back home. I’m proud to say I have beloved friends scattered around the world, people with experiences and backgrounds that I continue to learn from. And for all the beauty and magic I’ve seen in this world, I’m proud (and incredibly fortunate) to say my travels have greatly contributed to my personal sense of gratitude. This is what travel has done for me. It has opened up my world.

The thing is, whenever someone chooses a path that is ‘different’, there are going to be naysayers. Those that will judge, roll their eyes at your choices, and ultimately try and make you feel as if you’re not living up to the ‘standard’. But we’re not here to live up to their standards. We’re here to make our own rules, carve our own path. And ultimately, live the life that makes us the most fulfilled. It’s never easy to be the renegades, but it’s always worth it.

Ready to push past the naysayers and follow your need to travel? Get started by choosing a city here!

Guest Post by Allison Colin-Thome. Allison heads up Career Off Script, where she helps young professionals find their ideal work, so they can stop waking up for just a paycheck, and instead have a career that means something to them. She cuts through their confusion by helping them figure their strengths, their motivators and their true needs so they can find careers they love and finally take their next steps with confidence. After a bumpy journey of her own, Allison left her career in Corporate Recruitment to pursue the work she loved. She started her business while spending time in Colombia learning Spanish and can either be found sipping Earl Grey in a midtown Toronto cafe or online at

The 5 Best Ruin Bars in Budapest

Ruin bars in Budapest have been a growing trend over the last 20 years. They started as an underground movement, but quickly became the heart of Budapest’s nightlife, drawing locals and tourists alike. From the street, the bars look like ruins, but once inside, there is mismatched furniture, graffiti, drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Below is our list of the best ruin bars in Budapest. (Word to the wise: dress warmly in the winter season, many of them don’t have walls or windows and it can get quite chilly at night.)

Szimpla Kert

Established in 2001, this is the original and one of the largest ruin bars in Budapest. It has high ceilings and an open courtyard with multiple bars throughout. Thrift store furniture and a stripped down communist-era car provides seating for guests sipping drinks, chatting, and listening to music. As the original ruin bar, Szimpla Kert is also the busiest.



With more of a club vibe than a bar, this once-apartment building boasts 26 different rooms, 7 bars, 2 gardens, and 7 stages. The drink prices run a little higher here, due to popularity and the club-like atmosphere. Walls have been knocked down to allow for DJs and dancing but each room has a unique feel. Grab a drink and explore, as you’ll find something different around every corner.


This ruin bar has a relaxed festival feel, with pitchers of iced-tea and hot dogs served from a garden shed and live folk music. Serving pizza, burgers, and sandwiches, this is an ideal spot to grab a drink and hang out with the locals. Indoor and outdoor seating in this converted car park provides a great spot to watch a football game as well. The chill atmosphere picks up in the evening; with recycled water cisterns illuminating the graffiti covered walls.

Mazel Tov

This bar is definitely on the chic side and feels more like a regular bar than the others. The newer spot serves shawarma and mezze plates during the day, while a DJ spins everything from jazz to techno at night. Exposed beams, brick walls, and fairy lights contribute to the ruin style, but it has a more modern feel than the original ruin bars.

Fogas Haz

This bar was named after an old dentist sign found inside, during its first renovation. It was originally a squat house that turned into a bar, art studio, and bike shop. The space is known for the large tree at the center of its courtyard, covered in colored lights. Fogas Haz has a bit of everything, with a cocktail bar and live music on one floor, a terrace and garden outside, and a club-style space for dancing underground.

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Written by Katie Tatham – @kltatham (Canadian wanderer & outdoor enthusiast)

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