I'm Traveling the World and I Didn't Quit My Job

Guest post by Kelsey Dixon
The young professionals of today are writing the history of its generation in the workforce. Our generation is driving change and innovation in our world and it’s different than what the generations before us experienced. So why would the workforce stay the same? We want to live in the NOW and we refuse to only work for retirement.
With the world at our keyboards, our access is limitless. We are more connected than ever. Why not use this as a foundation for a career? For a lifestyle? Work can be a passion and a blend into your personal hopes and dreams. It can be an enabler rather than a detractor.

Curious about how I do what I do?

You may share in my curiosity to seek what is different—what is uniquely your own—and you’re not alone. There are thousands of people, heavily millennials, who are building something from scratch in order for their work to fit their desired lifestyle, not the contrast. It’s not a new concept. But the world is starting to notice, and starting to evolve to fit this lifestyle. Hence why companies like Behere exist, to make living in a new place easier.
I'm Traveling the World and Didn't Quit My Job
There’s enough room and opportunity for anyone to pursue it. Existing roles are being reinvigorated through the perception of a new lens, giving them boundless possibilities of execution. Companies and cultures are shifting to realize that hustle can happen outside of the cubicle and progress can thrive regardless of physical location. On top of this, there are jobs created daily that require no physical space, just skills and a laptop. Even beyond that, we’ve never had better access to the tools that can help us create our own jobs, income and revenue streams—out of thin air.

But how exactly do we do that…

Perhaps the scariest part about this is the fact that no one before us has laid out a successful path for it. We get to pave our own trail, and navigate the speed bumps along the way. This isn’t smooth sailing, this is a caught-in-the-windstorm and batten down the hatches sort of sail. But the cool part is, the views are pretty astounding (literally and figuratively).

This is how it started for me

In September of 2017, I left the comforts of my waterfront Seattle apartment to pursue a dream: live and work abroad. I had heard of the stories about the people who quit their corporate jobs to go live on an island and work behind an ice cream stand. I had seen that this was possible, but I still had to do this radical thing with less-than-specific guidance because I was doing it differently: as an entrepreneur, with clients, with a team, with a co-founder. 99% of my job was through my computer anyway, so in theory, this would work right?
I’ve taken my work abroad, from a van trapezeing around the north and south islands of New Zealand for a month. And I got to see Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Mt. Cook National Park, Fjord National Park and more.

The South American leg of my journey

While traveling and working in South America, I was the most productive I had ever been, inspired by my environment and the space I worked in. All this instead of feeling the grind of rush hour traffic and inside the sphere of the same four walls every day. My video conferences were super productive because I took advantage of the scheduled time I had with anyone at any given time. No longer were the days of luxury where I could tap my partner on the shoulder and ask a quick question. Instead, I relied heavily on platforms like, Asana, G-chat, Slack, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or GoogleDocs. We found out by accident (through calling to try and cancel our American cell plan) that our T-Mobile plan allows us unlimited texting and data in more than 210 countries at no additional fees—most of South America included.
The craziest part was the 60-hour round trip drive to Patagonia, and then visiting Patagonia, without taking a single day off work. I’m fortunate here that I have a hubby that loves to drive. I worked a 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. day because that was 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Seattle hours. So, in the mornings we hustled the drive, day by day. And we’d find a friendly place to stay (with fast WiFi, always a requirement). I’d finish my day while my husband took care of all our meals, errands and planning next steps (he was also lightly working on a startup of his own). With GoogleDocs’ offline feature, I was even able to knock out a lot of writing while literally surviving the treacherous roads in the middle-of-nowhere Argentina. But I did it. I maintained my high-production workload while seeing El Chalten, hiking the Tres Lagos, exploring Torres del Paine and enjoying coffee in Puerto Natales. Not your normal after-hours activity.

How you can make it possible

My point (and hope) in sharing my story is to show it’s possible. It may sound crazy, but it can be your reality. By working while traveling, I was able to fund our travels so that we could stay longer. And by traveling while working, I brought a fresh, global perspective to our team. By leaving the day-to-day in the office, it also left more responsibility to my team, which equated to massive jump in growth and a slashing of comfort zones. I became a production house for the backend of our business, elevating it to challenge our growth projections even over a successful year prior. And I sat in a hammock rather than at a desk (it wasn’t always that glamorous, but still worth it!).
Again, this is why companies like Behere exist. Because by booking with Behere you have your housing, workspace, fitness studio, plus an international community, all while abroad. This is essential in the world we live in today, where living more flexibly is not only possible, but beneficial in so many capacities. We all have dreams to live a life we wish we had—attach it to an action and a timeline? There will be no better time, so why not now?
And why not you?

Want to travel and live around the world? Here are your next steps.

I shared my story about taking my business abroad. Now, this is how I did it…

  1. Find your work.

    There may be an opportunity to do your current job remote. The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris has a lot of helpful tips in asking for it. Otherwise, you’ll need to find it or create it. In finding it, utilize resources, sites and communities that offer remote job opportunities. Have a skill? You could freelance, if you’ve got a little cash saved up that could get you by either before getting work or down the road for a cushion. Or, build it. That’s what I did.

  2. Pick your place.

    I recommend somewhere that’s less expensive than where you live now. Behere has some great locations to choose from, so that’s a great place to start. That way, you can give yourself some grace to get set up in your work, and you may even save more money that way (we were able to save a lot more in Chile than what we were saving in the U.S.). Don’t forget to think about timezones. For me, it mattered that I was able to work during Seattle business hours, so South America was appealing for that reason.

  3. Downsize, downsize, downsize.

    Sell the things you don’t need on eBay or Craigslist. It’s all replaceable. By having less, you’ll be more mobile and flexible. Bring less clothes, you won’t need them all or you can buy them there (we usually all wear the same core things anyway!).

  4. Get set up.

    This seems daunting, but it’s really not too bad once you get into it. This means rerouting your mail to a permanent address if you’re moving out (we chose my mom’s home. Thanks, mom!). Book at least your first week or use a platform like Behere to book everything a month before you arrive. Notify your credit cards (and make sure you don’t have foreign transaction fees). Set aside savings for back up. Adjust your cell plane (T-Mobile’s One Plan provides data/texting in over 210 countries! I highly recommend looking into this option).

  5. Buy the things.

    I’m a proponent for downsizing, but there will be some things I’d suggest purchasing to make downsizing easier. For example, clothes that can work for various scenarios. This is largely dependent on where you’re going. Get quality, easy luggage, backpacks and bags to protect your tech as well as portable chargers. 

  6. Pick a date.

    This might be the most important part of this list. Pick the date and then make the list so you can work backwards toward your goal! Even if you’re not sure if it’ll be possible, if you pencil in the date, the urgency suddenly exists and you can say it out loud and make it real.

  7. GO.

    Plan the basics I’ve mentioned here but don’t overly plan and overthink it. Just do it. You CAN. It won’t be perfect, but you’ll figure it out along the way! Enjoy it. Relish in the uncertainty. Know you’re living your dream and most people don’t have the courage to even do that. You’ll figure out the rest, and your experience will be invaluable.

Guest Post by: Kelsey Dixon

Kelsey Dixon is the “Dixon” of the female millennial duo who founded davies + dixon, a digital marketing firm that creates daring ideas to get stories told. Kelsey currently remotely manages her team and clients as she adventures. Follow Kelsey’s journey on Instagram at @kelseystartingroute.

Images and words courtesy of Kelsey Dixon.

How This Business Owner Conquered Her Fears to Travel Alone

At Behere, we’re constantly inspired by the amazing women in our community. We’re thrilled to feature some of their stories and share how they’ve made traveling while working possible. From unconventional roles, to starting businesses abroad, these women have made exploring new places a priority. They share their biggest learnings, favorite memories, and advice for someone thinking about living in a new city for a month.
Today’s Behere community feature,  Nevica Vazquez, is business strategist that started her company to have more freedom. She shared how as a business owner conquered her fears to travel abroad alone. Originally from New York, Nevica booked her month in Lisbon this summer on Behere. In Lisbon she focused on work, getting amazing photos taken and connecting with the community. Read about her summer in Lisbon below!

You started a company to help woman realize their full potential, tell us about it.

“I’m a Business Strategist at NevicaVazquez.com to digital bosses who know their businesses have huge potential, but don’t have a business plan spelled out and locked in place. The women I work with are past the beginner stage and are ready to refine and restructure their business so that it’s built to grow to six figures.

My clients are online service providers and have been in business for 2-4 years. They’ve tried, tested, and launched a lot of things. Their business has made around 20k – 40k, so they know their ideas can make money, but they haven’t been able to make their business consistently sustainable. So, I come into their business and help them figure out what is, and isn’t, working. Then I help them refine and restructure what they have, to create a business that’s built to grow.”

What did your typical day look like in Lisbon?

A day in My Lisbon Life went like this:
8:00 am – Wake up + meditate in my beautiful living room, which had floor to ceiling windows and looked out to the amazing streets of Lisbon
8:30 am – Workout. Though Behere has the option of a gym membership, I chose to workout from my apartment with Youtube videos and workout apps because I had the space and it was what I preferred!
9:00 am – Get ready for a day of work!
10:00 am – On a good day, when I wasn’t rushing to start working, I would get a smoothie at my favorite lunch place in Lisbon, Sama Sama
10:30 am – 3:00 pm – Work, which means: client calls, emails, creating business plans, sending clients their action steps
3:30 pm – 4:00pm – Back to Sama Sama for my favorite crepe (the Charles), and chat with the owners, Sofia and Malte, about life and what was going on that day
4:00pm – 5:00pm – Go for a walk along the Tagus river to work off lunch, people watch, get refreshed and inspired!
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Squeeze in 1-2 more hours of work
7:30 – 8:30 – Walk up to my favorite lookout, with other women from the Behere community, at Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, to watch sunset
9:00 pm – Find somewhere cool and new to go for dinner (my fav dinner spot was Mez Cais LX in LX factory)
11:00 pm – Get a pastel de nata for dessert at Manteigaria
11:30 pm – Go to Tasca Do Chico to listen to Fado music and end the night!”

What would you say is the most important thing you learned while in Europe?

“Traveling abroad on my own was always a big dream, and fear, of mine. I knew I wanted to do it but was afraid of being alone. One day while reading a book in front of the Tagus River, it hit me that I did it/was doing it. I had the courage to get over my fear and travel alone to somewhere I’d never been before, where I didn’t know the language. Realizing that I overcame a fear in that moment was so empowering, it made me feel limitless. 

I really feel I can do anything since I had the courage to get over this fear.

business owner conquered her fears

Another huge takeaway I had in Lisbon was that there are people living their dream lives. Depending where you come from, you can sometimes feel life can only happen one way, because it’s all you see. But when you get out of your comfort zone, and surround yourself with people with different perspectives, you realize there is no one way to do life. And that you can create the life you want, if you have the courage to do it!”

How did Behere help in your journey?

“The most impactful way Behere helped on this journey was connecting me with other women in Lisbon and providing a City Host. My biggest fear of traveling was being alone. But the second I landed I had the opportunity to make friends and meet my city host.
Our city host connected the Behere community before we arrived and set up a welcome dinner so we could all hang out. She was an amazing host and connected me with other groups of people in Lisbon so I was always meeting new people and going to new places. Having her there for me in Lisbon really made it a special experience!
There’s nothing like visiting a place with a local! I’m so grateful Behere connected me with other amazing female business owners.”

Are you running a business and want to travel to experience new cities without the headache of planning? Behere makes moving to a new city for a month (or more!) seamless, learn how here. Find and book private apartments, workspaces and fitness studios around the world, plus connect with our local hosts. Check out our locations!
Connect with Nevica on her website, NevicaVazquez.com or on Instagram @nevicavazquez.

Images and words courtesy of Nevica Vazquez.

How To 'Design' Your Life, One You Truly Love

We know the obvious ways design is part of our lives – through architecture, decor, fashion, art, food, the list goes on.

But have you ever thought about the actual ‘design’ of your life? Of what your ideal life looks like? Versus your current life design?

When you stop to ponder this, you realize your life is something that you too can design, and something you have control over the design of.

Let’s discuss for a minute the notion of flexibility…

Not just flexibility in the sense of stretching and yoga, but flexibility in our day-to-day lives, routines and work. Having the flexibility to design your day is something everyone strives for in today’s society.

Flexible work has become a hot topic, as more people are trying to find work-life balance. Employees are requesting flexible work options to have more time for themselves, the things they enjoy and the people they love.

Whether you’re a mother that wants to pick up your child, someone that is sick of sitting in rush hour traffic for two hours, or someone who desires to experience new places and people, flexible work is what you want.

Women especially value flexibility.

how to design your life

In a world and workforce that was created by men and for men, women are striving to find a way to live how they want.

Whether it’s because they are fed up with toxic office environments, don’t resonate with the 9-5 work structure, or have a penchant for travel and autonomy, more and more women aspire to create alternative frameworks in which they can thrive on their own terms.

This notion of seeking more and trying to live outside the box is something many women have dreamt of but few have pursued. Fear of the unknown, change, risk, danger, failing or even fear of succeeding and loving it too much, all hold us back.

If you can shake these fears and take that leap, the possibilities are endless.

You can design your lifestyle.

It’s as simple as that.

You can live in the middle of America one month, then decide you’re going to move to Bali the next. You can spend your whole life saying “what if ’s” and making excuses, or you can go ahead and actually do it. And once you do it opens a world of possibilities.

The value, knowledge and life-long memories you gain from pushing yourself out your comfort zone to live abroad are endless. You no longer have to settle for staying in the same town or city you grew up in, or falling into the same daily routine that no longer excites or serves you.

You can break free and learn – from adventure, from experience, from new cultures, people, places, cuisines and get to know this beautiful world we’re so lucky to call our home.

You can choose to design a life you truly love, one that meets all your needs and wants.

That’s the goal of what we’ve created at Behere.

To help women design lives they really love, through living in cities around the world, a month at a time.

The notion of moving to a new city is exciting, but also frightening and overwhelming.

We’ve been there; we get it.

That’s why we’ve taken care of all the getting set up and settled down parts, so you can continue your life – in a new city. We also know the decision to start your flexible lifestyle is one of the best decisions you’ll make.

Oh, and science has proved it too

In a recent study about the benefits of living abroad, it showed living abroad actually helps you find yourself (something most of us are trying to do). It helps you do this because when you’re away from your home environment and exposed to different people, cultures and values, you realize which values you have that are your own and which are simply a product of your upbringing.

This can be best summed up in a quote by the German Philosopher, Hermann von Keyserling: “The shortest path to oneself leads around the world”.

bali breakfast

So what does this global-flexible lifestyle look like?

It could be spending a month in Spain, a month in Bali, 3 months in the Croatia, a month in Thailand or a build your-own “Eat Pray Love” experience.

That’s the beauty of your flexible lifestyle: you design it how you like.

“What about work, my job, my company?”

Technology has you covered on that one.

Thanks to the rapidly growing innovations of today, we can now speak with people all over the world face-to-face (or rather through a screen with our faces on it), we can communicate instantly with teams via platforms like Slack, Google Docs and more.

We are always, and instantly, connected, wherever the wifi might be.

Does this really help me be more productive?

What’s more are the benefits this lifestyle can have on your work that you won’t truly realize until you’ve done it.

You’ll feel more inspired by your new environments, more creative and more productive. You’re no longer distracted by office conversations, unnecessary meetings, loud coworkers (or barista’s if you’re a coffee shop working kinda gal). You’ll feel refreshed and invigorated by the new sensations and sights around you.

Excited by the possibilities, by the world, by your oh-so-delicious pizza at lunch, or your vino tinto by the beach at sunset. You feel free.

Free to do what you want.

To design your day; today, tomorrow, next week, month, etc. You can work on your passion projects or you can pour your reinvigorated heart into your work.

Don’t get me wrong though, this is not a vacation.

It is a lifestyle. An actual, sustainable, possible lifestyle. One that you will have to work at achieving and maintaining.

The reality is, you will still have the problems you had at home. There will still be bad days, laundry and work to be done.

But that’s the point. Not to run away from your life, but to design your life. The way you want it.

how to design your life

So try this: write out your ideal day. What it looks like, what you do, what it’s filled with. Where in the world are you? Where do you want to be?

Write down what you want your day and lifestyle to look like. There you’ll have it.

Your flexible lifestyle design.

Now, go make it happen.

Written by Behere CEO, Meesen Brown. Originally shared in Belong Mag.

How this Startup Founder Traveled While Running Her Business

At Behere, we’re constantly inspired by the amazing women in our community. We’re thrilled to feature their stories and share how they’ve made traveling while working possible. From unconventional roles, to starting businesses abroad, these women have made exploring new places a priority. They share their biggest learnings, favorite memories, and their advice for someone thinking about living in a new city for a month.

Today’s Behere community feature, Joyce McCaffrey, is a startup founder from Toronto, Canada. She used Behere to book a month in Barcelona this summer. While busy running her own startup, Joyce took time to explore Spain and ring in the one year anniversary of her company’s launch from abroad.

Pretty cool, right? Check out her story below!

We love that you celebrated your business’ one year in Spain, tell us about your startup.

“A year ago, I started a digital content marketing agency called Atlas Content Studio. We specialize in creating credible online awareness for underrepresented areas of health. Think mental health, vaccination, sexual health – areas that people don’t necessarily want to talk about or simply don’t know the facts. Clients hire us to develop online strategies to tackle those 
awareness gaps. It’s super niche, but incredibly rewarding.”

What did a typical day look like for you in Barcelona?


startup founder

“Life moves slower in Barcelona. My apartment was by the beach, so I’d take the time to eat breakfast on my balcony in Barceloneta. Then I’d walk to my workspace – about 30 mins through the beautiful streets of El Born (my favorite neighborhood). I’d spend the day at work, then go for a run along the beach. Or I’d explore a new neighborhood with friends from the workspace. Needless to say, every day was inspiring.”


What was the biggest thing you learned from living in a new place?

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is that anything is possible. It applies to everything in life, but in this case – it’s possible to define the way you want to live, work, and travel. A second learning that caught me by surprise, was the value of solo traveling. It was one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever had – and something I’ll be prioritizing moving forward.”

How was Behere helpful to your journey?

“My dream was to start a business that allowed me to do the work I love, while offering the flexibility to travel often while working. I was busy learning how to be a startup founder, so researching working remotely and getting set up abroad was out of the question. Fortunately, Behere had every detail figured out. I had a beautiful apartment, a workspace filled with likeminded people, and local recommendations upon arrival. My trip was curated based on the experience I wanted to have, and the process was seamless. Barcelona was my twelfth month since starting my business – so I got to ring in my one-year living out the very dream that got me started. It was a surreal feeling, and I’ll always have Behere to thank for that.”

We love hearing highlights from our communities adventures, what was one of yours?

“I took a weekend trip to Cadaqués, a beautiful coastal town in Costa Brava. It’s where Salvador Dalí lived, and it honestly looks like a painting.”

startup founder

Finally, what’s your #1 piece of advice for someone who’s thinking about living abroad?

“Commit to it, make it happen, and start living out your dream.”

Are you running a business and want to travel to experience new cities without the headache of planning?
Behere makes moving to a new city for a month (or more!) seamless, learn how here. Find and book private apartments, workspaces and fitness studios around the world, plus connect with our local hosts. Check out our locations!

Connect with Joyce via her website weareatlas.ca or on Instagram.

Images and words courtesy of Joyce McCaffrey.

Helping Women Around the World Create Careers They Love

We think this enthusiastic lady, Kalyna Miletic, is great for many reasons. But we especially love the positivity and passion she shares for helping women succeed. Kalyna shared some great insights about her experience with starting freelancing and how she transitioned into a business dedicated to helping other women succeed.

Read on below for Kalyna’s insight and adventures through starting her company and traveling.

What Inspired You to Start Kickstart Your Work?  

Even though I’ve worked with clients in 21 countries around the world and coached over 1,500 hours so far, my business hasn’t always been this way. 

When I began freelancing at 19, I felt completely alone. I didn’t know how to grow my business, where to get clients or what service I should be providing. My confidence was at an all time low because I didn’t think I could make this happen for myself. There weren’t many others doing freelancing yet, especially where I was living, and the field was very male-dominated. 
I started Kickstart Your Work to support women around the world to put their satisfaction and fulfillment first.  

What is Kickstart Your Work? 

Kickstart Your Work helps women love the work they do through group coaching programs, one-on-one coaching, training courses, retreats and workshops. Our philosophy is centred upon the idea that you can be successful
and enjoy your time while working.

kalyna miletic

I’m so passionate about this mission because I believe time is our most valuable resource. Supporting women to take the leap and move into exciting careers as freelancers, makes me feel like I’m making the world a better place! Building this community has helped me feel there is a place I belong, with all of my quirks and big goals. I believe we should all be supported in achieving our big dreams. It means so much to me to know I’m supporting women around the world live their bigger visions.

Why is Helping Women Specifically, So Important to You? 

I choose to work with women, specifically, because I know what it’s like to not fit in or feel you’re asking for too much. In high school I had a hard time and felt like I didn’t belong. The feeling continued throughout university and I always felt I was asking for too much with my big aspirations and dreams. 

I want all women to know that they deserve whatever their heart is calling them to do, and their happiness matters and is critical to their fulfillment. I hope to help women build the lifestyle of their dreams, by sharing the system that has allowed me the freedom to work online, from anywhere. 

What has been Biggest Challenge Since you Started Your Business? 

The biggest challenge, so far, has actually been accepting that I can run a business and be successful. There have been all sorts of learning experiences and growth moments, but the most impactful, by far, has been to allow this wonderful experience into my life. I tried to push it away for years, feeling I didn’t deserve to be doing it, or it was too good to be true. Believing that I deserve to be happy, and can create anything I desire, has been life-changing professionally and personally.

How has Travel Impacted You? 

I’ve been traveling for 4 years and it has completely changed the way I see the world and myself. Living in Brazil in 2016 was foundational to me making the decision to start Kickstart Your Work and continue running a location independent business.
Seeing how happy locals were with seemingly little material success was so inspiring to me. Their values of family, fun and celebration have stayed with me. I’m also always inspired by the people I meet. I’ve had thousands of conversations in planes, busses, hotels or restaurants, to name a few and I’m amazed at how much you can learn from people you meet.
I’ve visited around 22 countries so far, and seeing the different ways of life has truly opened me up to the realization that we are similar and rooted in the same fundamental desire for love and belonging.

What is your favorite place you’ve been? Where are you off to next? 

My favourite place is a tough question to answer because I’ve seen such beauty all over the world. I feel most at home when surrounded by water. Some of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve seen are; Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Aruba, Brazil and California.  
My next stop is in France where I’ll be exploring the South!

Behere is excited to be helping with your upcoming retreat in Chiang Mai. What is it all about?

The Freelancer’s Retreat in Chiang Mai is all about helping women learn how to start attracting clients as independent contractors and work online from anywhere. 

If using your genius zone (things you are great at and love doing) to deliver a service to clients feels like the right next step toward a fulfilling career, then learning the 5-step system to landing clients will completely transform the way you approach the transition to freelancing.

Any fun facts you want to share? 

Through my travels and adventures, I’ve had the opportunity to skydive Foz Iguacu in Brazil and swim with Stingrays in Grand Cayman all while on the quest to find the perfect hammock. 
kalyna miletic travel
And professionally, I’ve just landed two TedX Talks happening in the next few months (a long-time goal of mine)

Want to start traveling and freelancing? Get started below!

Meet Our Budapest City Host | Bogi

Our team had the pleasure of connecting with Bogi, an inspiring woman from Budapest. A freelancer and entrepreneur, she’s had many really cool roles. From being a reporter in Egypt, to being a sports entertainer in Spain, Bogi has traveled and worked around the world. A people person, she loves adventure and good conversations. We’re also thrilled to have Bogi as our Budapest Behere City Host. Learn more about her below.

Tell us about yourself and what inspires you about traveling?

Hi I’m Bogi, I live in Budapest and am originally from here. Travel inspires me because I’m a people person, so besides the destination, it’s inspiring to have good conversations with new people. I love that so many great things happen when you least expect them. Being in new places puts me in a completely different mindset. I see different perspectives and traveling brings out different sides of me.


What do you do for work and how’d you end up there?

I’m currently a freelancer and tour guide. I run B Side Tours in Budapest. I’ve tried various jobs in my life so far, and often wish I could do much more.

I’ve worked at a movie theatre, language school, as a hostess at concerts, as a sports entertainer in Spain, a receptionist in Italy and a reporter in Egypt. I sold a couple’s invention at a boat show in Germany and to get that job I sold insoles for an hour to showcase my sales skills. The latest challenge was giving my voice to 2 videos, and the hop-on-hop-off bus.

What inspired you to start your tour company?

I was initially inspired to become a tour guide by my 8th grade history teacher. But it really was a Brazilian couple on one of my tours a few years ago who gave me the push to create the website (thank you!)

What are your favorite things/place about Budapest?

My favorite places are close to nature, on the islands or by the river Danube on the shore up north. I love how Budapest holds a lot of surprises – e.g. you can’t see it from outside, but a former apartment building hosts a leafy garden or bar. I am still amazed at the creativity of turning unused spaces into something else, (like the famous ruin pubs).

Budapest is a cool and vibrant city but the Buda side will forever be my favorite; the dreamy, hilly, green, suburbs side of town where I grew up.

Fun facts about yourself:

One of my fave fun facts is that I met Nicholas Sparks and he signed my copy of the Notebook which I read when I was 16 (and in love).

I have many more fun facts about Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie, Busta Rhymes or the Bruce Willis stuntman.  If you enjoy podcasts, have a listen to my episode on Andy Steves’ show, “Budapest, Baths and Boyz II Men“.  You’ll also be able to listen to the entertaining chat I had with the amazing ladies from Chronicles Abroad, too!

And, if you travel on American Airlines in the US July 2018, you’ll catch a video of me talking about Budapest!

You can check out Bogi’s tours at bsidetours.com
or on Instagram: @bsidetours.

To meet Bogi in Budapest and join one of her awesome tours, choose your apartment, workspace and fitness studio on Behere.

Behere Team | Women Making Moves: Nyah Pham

Have you been dreaming about Lisbon? Then meet Lisbon City Host, Nyah Pham, who’s making a wonderful impact in Lisbon. She has a love for community building and making others feel at ease and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! Read her story below, it’ll be sure to spark your wanderlust for Lisbon.

Tell us about yourself and your love for travel…

My name is Nyah (pronounced NA-JA, not NY-AH). I’m originally from Vietnam but grew up in Denmark and have lived in the US, France, China, Spain, Germany and Portugal. Growing up as an immigrant child in Denmark, I always had an urge to discover new cultures and countries from a very young age. My parents took me around the world to visit relatives, so I developed an early curiosity for travel. The first time I traveled on my own I was 15. I remember how excited I was to head to the US and visit my sister by myself. Terrified, but also full of hopes and dreams. Ever since, I’ve travelled to more than 50 countries and I am still discovering. Travel is the fuel to my being. I don’t think I will ever stop travelling. As the Danish writer HC. Andersen put it, “To travel is to live”. 

What do you do when you’re not helping the community in Lisbon?

I am a independent Business Consultant and Life Coach. Half my time, I’m dedicated to event concepts for different kind of clients. This means conferences, exhibitions, festivals, launches etc. My job is to put a great programme together to make the event unforgettable.
The other half of my time, I help clients overcome challenges and struggles in their everyday lives and transform into better versions of themselves. This can be within their careers, relationships or health. In most cases, these three are highly related.
I like the combination of my jobs, since they allow me to be creative as well as reflective. Creating concepts and hosting events feels natural to me. I’m at my best when I see an event come together, with people connecting with each other and enjoying the content. Helping others transform and change is the best gift that has been given to me. Not only does it feel impactful and purposeful, but making a change and difference in others lives is a true blessing. 
Nyah Pham

Why is community so important to you and what do you love about the community you’ve created in Lisbon?

I’m community builder at heart. I love to see people come together, whether it’s because they share the same interests or not. Something magical happens, when people come together, connect and eventually build something beautiful. I always say, “It’s not the place you fall in love with, it’s the community”. I live by that. You can go to the most magical places; tropical islands with beautiful beaches, but if the community is not there, you will not have that sense of belonging.
Lisbon was number one on my list and I’ve ended up staying here for about a year. I fell in love with the community from day one and started hosting weekly Digital Nomad Meetups. Before I knew it, we grew the community from 1000 to almost 3000 members in less than a year. That’s incredible. The Digital Nomad scene here is huge and I keep seeing new faces all the time. But what makes the community in Lisbon unique is, that nomads who come here tend to stay – we’ve simply become “slowmads” because we love this place and community so much. 

What makes Lisbon so special?

Lisbon is the city of seven hills. It’s what makes it so charming. I love walking through the city and admiring the beautiful tiles and cobblestones. It’s so beautiful yet, historical at the same time. I feel majestic walking around here. Plus, with 300 sunny days a year, and the ocean nearby, Lisbon ticks most of the boxes for a fantastic place to stay. 

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Photos and words courtesy of Nyah Pham.

Women Making Moves | Nubia Younge

Some of our team connected with this positive, friendly woman in Chiang Mai and hit it off right away. Nubia Younge is the founder of a fantastic podcast that shares our values at Behere in so many ways. Nubia has managed to travel extensively, move abroad, start a company and fill her life with purpose. Find out how she’s done all this and moved to Northern Thailand below. 

What inspired you to start traveling?

“I took my first international trip back in 2011 to Paris and Europe. Once I traveled overseas, it was a wrap! Travel became an insatiable habit. I fell in love with the different cuisines and connecting with new people from all over the world.”

What inspired you to ultimately start your podcast? 

“Over the last several years, I’ve traveled to 30+ countries,  chronicling my journey on social media.  I would find great travel deals and learn new things, every place I went. People started reaching out to me on social media, asking how I could afford to travel as a single mother of 2. At the time, I was a full-time employee, a part-time student and a small business owner. Yet, I still found time to travel internationally several times a year.
One day I was having a conversation with my friend about all these questions I was getting in my inbox. She and I decided to create a platform where we can reach like-minded individuals, who share a love for travel, and are looking to connect with those who are currently traveling, working and/or living abroad.”

What is your podcast all about? 

Chronicles Abroad podcast is as a platform used to communicate with individuals from all over the world. We share stories from world travelers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs, to inspire people to travel and live or move abroad. We explore a holistic approach to traveling. This includes creating healthier mindsets, finances, and spirituality, so people can travel better or make that final decision to move abroad.”

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” ~ Maya Angelou


We’re excited to share that Nubia has joined the Behere team as our Chiang Mai City Host! Follow Nubia @anuexperience and @chroniclesabroad and check out her podcast at chroniclesabroad.com.

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Photos and words courtesy of Nubia Younge.