Why Women Who Travel Make Great Employees

Today, post-secondary education is very common, and many millennials look for work right after graduation. So what sets apart a great employee, from the others? One thing is almost guaranteed: travel. This applies to everyone, but even more so, for women. Women who travel make better employees because, these women bring valuable skills they gained while traveling, to the workplace.

Here’s why women who travel make the best employees:

They’re the best problem solvers.

Women who travel, especially alone, develop the ability to solve any problem they encounter. When in a country where you don’t speak the language, navigating can be intimidating, but it’s something travellers are used to. Trains are closed for the day? They’ll find a bus. Arriving in a city late at night? They’ll research the quickest way to reach their accommodation safely. They’ve come to realize any problem can be solved with some quick thinking, and they’ll bring this to your team.

They’re independent and confident.

It takes a woman with these qualities to leave their comfort zone, and once they go, these traits strengthen. There is nothing more empowering than navigating through a country on your own, knowing you can take on whatever comes your way. When they’re back in the office, they have the confidence to take on tasks with little direction, self-motivate, and self-start, all extremely valuable qualities in an employee.

They’re good with people.

Part of traveling is meeting people, whether it’s locals or fellow travellers, and women who travel develop excellent interpersonal skills. When women first start travelling alone, it can be very intimidating to talk to people they don’t know. But it quickly becomes natural, and employers will likely notice female travellers ease quickly into the interview process, because talking to someone new is common for them. This translates into their work, making them good communicators and a great team member.

They’re eager to learn.

Travellers are curious about the world, and looking to gain knowledge of a culture other than their own. This open-mindedness allows them to absorb new information, and search for new ways to learn whenever they can. These women never want to be bored, and are always looking to be engaged. When they’re on your team, you can count on them to look for a different perspective and a challenge.

Women who travel make excellent employees, who are ready to rise to a challenge and self-manage. Like all millennials, female travellers are looking for flexibility in the workplace , so employers need to work to retain them. Hiring quality employees who have gained these valuable skills will create a strong, dynamic team that can work together to drive your organization forward.

Written by Katie Tatham – @kltatham

Creating Your Reality with Work-Life Balance or 'Blend'

Whoever put the notion in our heads that we should have the perfect work-life balance is a liar. As if we all wake up every morning in perfect harmonious glory, in a pristine house, with a beautifully laid schedule and a career that never required after-hours work or thoughts…

I’m not sure what utopia set us up for this kind of failure, but I do know I don’t want to live there.

Perfect work/life balance is impossible – from early on in our careers to running the C-Suite gamut. (As digital nomads and entrepreneurs, we know better than anyone that circumstances are rarely cut and dry).

Work-life blend is the new “balance.”

It means work and personal lives are so closely intertwined that they might be indistinguishable at times. There’s no “split personality,” instead career and personal goals are correlative. Enter “The Blend.

This was something I realized early on in my career in recruitment and sales. I found that the time I spent at networking events and coffee dates to accomplish “sales,” became fun. Because of my personality, I didn’t experience burnout from this. Especially within that time of my life, when meeting new people was something I enjoyed. Professionals became friends and, as they helped my bottom line, work partners, too. So my approach was to “work” as much as possible. Work didn’t need to end when I left the office. And my personal life didn’t have to end the second I sat down at my desk.

Additionally, working as a recruiter, trainer and field sales developer throughout my college career, meant that networking with other women my age, traveling to different states and playing with makeup was my “job.” I didn’t have a desk or an office, but I had a car and weekly accountability calls with my boss. The more I hustled, the more money I made, and simultaneously was able to grow an incredible network of women.

I didn’t know where work and play started and stopped, so that’s how I grew up in my professional life.

After all, here I am; co-founder of a startup with hefty, long-hour workweeks. My counterpart is a dedicated, marketing genius. She’s also a dear friend. When we shared an office every day (or in the humble beginnings, a couch…), our conversations would constantly seesaw from “friend-zone” to “work-zone.” We’d recap weekend plans over lunch and discuss client work between social events. I have an accountability factor to her and our company not only as a co-worker but as a friend. There’s double at stake and double the reward. Sometimes we work long nights and sometimes we close the laptops for long weekend adventures. We’ve built blended careers because our lives are far from black and white.

work-life balance
Photo courtesy of Kelsey Dixon

On top of that, now I have taken my portion of managing our business and channelled it all through a laptop in South America. Because my business partner and I are friends, we also continually have each other’s best interest in mind, including personal goals. It was a dream of mine to live and work abroad, and now it has become my reality. And as we’ve grown our team, these new faces have become friends. Our gab sessions now happen through a computer screen rather than over drinks at happy hour, but the sentiment is still there. I’m grateful for the blend and wouldn’t have it any other way.

To me, the blend also means doing something I love.

I enjoy my work; I enjoy the people I work with, the clients we service and the industry we’re in. My work is motivating to me. This didn’t happen by accident–I had to build it! This is part of the blend: having your career feel less like “work” and more like “passion.” It may take a step, and then a leap, but it is possible. It’s my life goal, from sharing my story, to have even one person know this to be true, too.

The blend is not perfect–this is just as true as the fact that balance does not exist. Now that I’m traveling full time and I maintain a crowded startup calendar remotely, my life is a big ball of “blend,” and it has its challenges. This morning, I hiked a mountain and now I sit working at a cafe, staring at said mountain. I’m not on vacation, but I’m not in a routine either. I often feel like I’m half-doing both working and traveling. This is a sinking feeling–that you should be in two places at once and always accomplishing two things at once. Feeling torn and never completely satisfied with your day because it’s so blended that it’s hard to distinguish the stop and start. Any feelings of accomplishment are buried by the rest of that to-do list. You want to keep up with everyone back in the office, but you also want to keep up with everyone here for the week on vacation. It’s an unattainable feeling that leaves you dissatisfied with your progress regularly. I’ll close my laptop one minute and be working on my new language in another, but my brain is still in my laptop.

Don’t get me wrong.

I believe in breaks, personal time, vacation, travel, family – all the warm fuzzies that “balance” brings to mind. However, it’s impossible for those things to not interrupt the flow of your “work life” and vice versa. If they are complementary, well then, that’s a step in the direction to satisfaction. It’s work/life blend.

Balance is boring. Balance is too neat. Order challenge, on the rocks, with an extra shot of chaos. Thrive in it. Enjoy grey-ness. Enjoy “the blend.” Strive to have work and life to embrace each other. Work for people you admire and create change with passion. You spend a minimum of 2,000+ hours a year working. Make it count.

Guest Post Written by: Kelsey Dixon

Kelsey Dixon is the “Dixon” of the female millennial duo who founded davies + dixon, a digital marketing firm that creates daring ideas to get stories told. Kelsey currently remotely manages her team and clients as she adventures through South America. Follow Kelsey’s journey on Instagram at @kelseyrileydixon.

Images and words courtesy of Kelsey Dixon.

Women Making Moves | Martina Martian, Designer and Traveler

You’ve probably come across, Martina Martian or her work while flipping through Instagram. This talented woman is the brilliant woman behind many fun designs and popular GIF challenges. She creates a whole lot of female-powered and positive designs. Martina shared with us how she began her career as an illustrator and how she finds her creativity and inspiration while working and traveling the world.
 martina martian

 Tell us about yourself…

“I’m a full-time, travelling freelance illustrator. I create bright and positive designs for various companies and brands around the world.
I had always dreamt of having a creative career but never imagined that illustration would be my calling. Let alone allow me to travel the world. When friends and strangers started commissioning me to illustrate for them, I became inspired to pursue illustration/design more seriously.
Eventually small businesses were hiring me. Within a year larger companies such as ASOS, Cotton ON, Reebok, Snapchat etc. were hiring me to design for them too!
 martina martian

 What’s inspires your work?

You’d recognise my work for it’s bright colours, bold messages and nostalgic twist. I find inspiration from 80’s/90’s television, records, toys and anything kitsch and colourful. The themes of empowerment and positivity are inspired by real moments, important discussions, and powerful women I meet whilst travelling.

Some of my favourite projects in the past have been designing GIFs and stickers for Snapchat, Instagram and iMessages! They’re incredibly fun to make and it’s so surreal seeing people using them on their stories around the globe.
martina martian
My advice for women looking to become a freelance illustrator is; start building your network, offering your services and branding yourself early. Don’t be afraid to show your work to anyone you meet.
It’s also important to remember that being a digital nomad and freelancing is scary and exhilarating all at once. You must embrace spontaneity, be flexible and open minded. I wouldn’t live life any other way!”

– Martina Martian

Check out Martina on Instagram here.
Photo’s by Aaron Bull, @__aaronbull

What You Need to Know About International Women's Day

We all know March is Women’s History Month and today, March 8th, 2018, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day (YAY!). But do you know why we’re celebrating and the history behind the day? We put together this quick and simple guide for what you need to know, because knowledge really is power and together, we will continue to be stronger.

  • International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements, accomplishments & struggles of women
  • This years theme is #PressForProgress
  • March 8, 1909 was the 1st ever International Women’s Day, to honor the women protesting the working conditions in the 1908 garment women’s strike in New York
  • International Women’s Day was officially recognized as a holiday by the UN in 1975
  • In 2011 Obama declared March as Women’s History Month


International Women’s Day is important for so many reasons, here’s just a few:

This past weekend, in early celebration, thousands of people marched in London, Los Angeles and more. Our founder, Meesen, is hosting a International Women’s Day Ladies Lunch in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate. There is also an International Women’s Strike in NYC today. Check out the International Women’s Day website to find events near you.
On the brink of this past monumental year for women’s rights, 2018 was declared the year of the woman and we think they’re onto something.
So to honor this important day we’re sharing a Special Gift with you! We’ll be sharing it in our Facebook community. If you’re not a member yet, click here to join for free! And learn more about Behere here.

Female Communities Helping Empower Women

This week we’re highlighting amazing female communities and the founders behind them who are helping making a difference.

From two women who wanted to make work + travel possible for more women, to ladies who want to make it easier to make friends, these women have built fantastic women’s communities.

They shared with us what it means to them to empower women and how they’re helping do just that. Read their takes below.

Co-founders of Bucketlist Bombshells

female communities

Photo via bucketlistbombshells.com

What does it mean to you to empower women?

“To us, empowering women at its core is supporting other women and lifting each other up in life and business. It means encouraging women to be their best selves and realizing that we are stronger when we come together. We believe that empowered women (women who are supported, confident and strong) have the power to bring about positive change in our world.”

How do you empower women through what you do?

“Our company, The Bucketlist Bombshells, was created with the single mission to ignite a revolution of location-independent millennial women. We do this through teaching them to work online, travel the world and live creatively. 

The initial inspiration for the business came about when we started pursuing this work and travel lifestyle ourselves but lacked any mentorship or community of like-minded millennial women to support us on our journey.

We empower the women in our community by educating them through our BB Academy of online courses. As well, we cultivate a positive and supportive community of over 10,000 women in our Facebook group. 

Also, we strongly believe in using our business as a catalyst for positive change and using education to break down social and economic barriers. We donate a percentage of our profits to the Kopila Valley School in Surkhet, Nepal and currently support 16 amazing girls to receive a life-changing education.”

To learn more about Bucketlist Bombshells head to bucketlistbombshells.com or to their Facebook group Bucketlist Bombshells Tribe or check them out on IG: @bucketlistbombshells.

Co-founders of The Cnnekt

female communitiesPhoto via thecnnekt.com

What does it mean to you to empower women?

Chary: “In the shortest and simplest way: help a sister out! To me, empowering women is about sharing your experiences with one another in hopes that your words and actions will inspire, and more importantly, uplift them. It is all about helping other women be their better selves.”

Emily: “You know that “tingly” feeling in your stomach? Im not talking about butterflies or sickness. I mean that fearful yet fearless, strong yet weak, excited yet nervous, powerful “tingly” feeling. That exact feeling is what empowerment means to me. It has helped women all over the world speak up for themselves when society tells them not to, take a stand or take a charge for what is right, and most importantly: be unapologetic. That “tingly” feeling is the true guiding light to who we are inside and it helps us break it through to the outside.”

How do you empower women through what you do?

“We are storytellers. We share stories about women’s struggles and aspiring business owners with the our community. Also, we organize gatherings/ events to bring that interaction offline to build authentic relationships. By sharing their stories to the unknown public, we encourage women to be vulnerable and this is an act of empowering others.”

Learn more at thecnnekt.com or on IG @thecnnekt

PSSST. Another community just for women is ours!

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Women's Event | Coworking & Brunch in Beautiful Bali

We had a blast at our ladies coworking event in Bali!

After visiting many co-working spaces around the world, we know there’s a need for female-only spaces. With all these fantastic, female-only coworking spaces popping up around the world, there are still very few in Asia. After Behere co-founder, Meesen Brown, entered one-too-many male dominated spaces, she knew she needed to create more spaces for women to connect.

Somewhere for them to meet, chat and share tips and experiences. But most importantly, a space for women to feel comfortable, in a beautiful setting that encourages creativity and inspiration. And that, is how our idea for women’s coworking events was born.


This past week, we co-hosted a ladies brunch and coworking event in Canggu, Bali in collaboration with Bucketlist Bombshells. The event was free for all ladies to attend and we were thrilled by the response.


There was so many great conversations, inspiring stories and meaningful connections made. Over 30 women came to brunch, do some coworking and meet with other likeminded, driven women, exploring the world with some serious entrepreneurial instincts.  The ladies shared their experiences traveling, what prompted them to take the leap to start working remotely while traveling and for many, how they started their own businesses to do so.


Here’s some more awesome snaps from our photographer at the event!


Special thanks to our cohost, Cassie, from Bucketlist Bombshells, who helped made this event possible.


AND shout out to all the lovely ladies who attended. We’re super excited to continue hosting events like these around the world and were, yet again, thrilled by the response. We know the need for these events, meet-ups and connections with female communities is an important part of what we’re doing and we can’t wait for more to come. Stay tuned!

Photo’s by: @a_few_days_off 

Women Making Moves | ‘Female Empowerment’

This week we’re highlighting some absolutely incredible women doing equally incredible things.

From the director of a documentary about female entrepreneurship, to a female futurist, entrepreneur and author, to the co-founder of a community that connects women through their homes, these ladies are making HUGE moves for women everywhere.

They shared with us what it means to them to empower women and how they’re helping do just that. Read their take below.

Director of Dream, Girl

incredible women
Photo via erinbagwell.com

What does it mean to you to empower women?

“Empowering women to me is about making sure women and girls know they don’t need permission to follow their dreams. James Baldwin says, “Your crown is already bought and paid for. You just need to put it on your head.” I want women to feel the full power that comes from embracing their sense of self.”

How do you empower women through what you do?

“All the work I do, whether it’s with my documentary Dream, Girl (showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs), on my blog Feminist Wednesday (a feminist storytelling blog), or through the conversations Diana and I have on our podcast BeaverTalk (the podcast where we give Hollywood unsolicited advice about feminism) is about making women’s stories and experiences front and center.

I want us to feel seen in our vulnerability, our power, our imperfections, and our strength. We get a lot of messages about who we “should be” and my goal is to tell our stories authentically. And thankfully these messages are resonating.

At a Dream, Girl community screening in San Diego two weeks ago I got a message that said the host took a poll before the film and asked the audience- a group of mothers and daughters if they saw themselves as leaders and only a couple of hands went up. However after watching the film the host asked the question again. All hands went up.

Once women are able to view dimensional versions of themselves in media, their idea of themselves transforms. That’s my goal for every screening, blog post, or podcast- to make women feel seen and unlock their true potential.”

To learn more about Dream, Girl head to dreamgirlfilm.com and to learn more about Feminist Wednesday head to feministwednesday.com.
OR check them out on Insta: @erin.bagwell @dreamgirlfilm @feministwednesday.

Female Futurist, Author, Entrepreneur

incredible women
Photo via daniellekayembe.com

What does it mean to you to empower women?

“I believe empowerment comes alive through self-expression, embodiment and engagement. Right now, we are collectively in a process of learning what healthy, feminine embodiment looks like. It’s a process of ‘becoming’ that will take time and exploration. One powerful way we can empower each other is to create spaces for women to go through this process in order to step into natural self-expression – and step away from performative femininity. Empowered women express themselves freely and authentically. As women we also spark empowerment in each other by taking up space in public spheres through our voices, bodies and creativity.”

How do you empower women through what you do?

“I believe an important part of empowerment is inspiring women to engage with the world through innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. I write about women and innovation because I believe the next wave of empire-building companies will come from women. So much of the world we live in has been designed by men for the comfort of men.

I talk about this idea that the male default has been ‘coded’ into so many of our products, and as a result women experience friction or ‘pain points’ when they interact with products. I try to spark in women an awareness that these hundreds of data points of daily discomfort can be translated into business ideas. Because if it bothers you, it bothers millions of other women, and there’s a huge opportunity in creating a solution for it. Spanx, The Honest Company, Glossier – are proof that women can take their curiosity and discomfort – and create innovation. I hope to empower women to design a world that meets their needs.”

Learn more about Danielle on her website here.
OR check her out on Twitter kkayembe or Insta @dkayembe.

Co-founder of Quilt

incredible women
Photo via ashleyjsumner.com

What does it mean to you to empower women?

“Empowerment comes as a result of feeling the support and trust of your community, so much so that you begin to expand your boundaries and beliefs around what is possible.”

How do you empower women through what you do?

“Quilt exists to connect women in a thoughtful, intimate environment that promotes connectivity and knowledge sharing. We started years ago, testing this concept in a home that we operated ourselves but always wanted to build a tech platform that would make our offering accessible and inclusive to women around the globe.”

To learn more about Quilt head to wequilt.com
OR check them out on Insta @wequilt.


If you’d like to get involved with Behere head to gobehere.com. Together, we can show more meaning and action around the words female empowerment, and support women around the world.


Women Making Moves | Rachel Ettinger of HereForHer

Over the next few months we’re going to be sharing a series of posts about what it means to ‘empower women’, to people around the world. Inspiring women from around the globe shared how they empower women through what they do and the action behind these words.
This week we’re sharing Here for Her founder, Rachel Ettinger’s story. She shares her thoughts on the meaning of female empowerment and how she’s helping women change the stigma around feminine health.

What does it mean to you to empower women?

“This is one of my favourite discussions. Many women, in many industries, easily throw out the term “female empowerment” but then the words are not put into action.

Empowering women means many things; such as giving them an outlet to voice their opinions, being listened to, being supported and basically giving women the tools that are needed to allow them to take control, to make change, to take a stand and therefore feel valued.”

How are you empowering women through what you do?

“With Here for Her
, I’m creating an environment where women feel comfortable speaking out and taking control of their health issues and that empowerment will hopefully lead them to feel more confident in other areas of their lives. I feel that empowering women means to provide an outlet for them to embrace themselves and to feel confident and valued.

The idea of Here for Her is to create open discussions about women’s health issues, such as periods, birth control, sex, body image, eating disorders, fertility, pregnancy & other vagina-related issues! Women can open up comfortably about their health, relate to others who identify as female, and educate themselves on women’s health issues as well. I’ve tried a billion different birth control pills (the struggle is real!) and because my family is in the healthcare profession, we discuss these topics quite often and it’s normal for us – but it’s not like that for everyone.”
empower women

“Women’s health issues are natural and should be discussed openly and there’s no need for us to PANIC when we drop a tampon on the way to the washroom (we’ve all done it!) OR how about the classic calling in sick to work when really you have the most HORRIBLE cramps and you can’t breathe.

Using my radio/tv platform I decided that it was the perfect time to talk openly about my own health issues in the hope that women will join together to discuss these issues in public and work to remove the stigma. Once we create awareness about periods and vaginas, THEN we can seriously create change, such as addressing the cost surrounding feminine hygiene products in general! Why aren’t these products free in public bathrooms, just like toilet paper?
Here for Her is not just about being proud of wearing your pink PERIOD sweater (which is super cool) but also about creating sustainable ways to improve health for women.”
Learn more about Rachel and Here for Her at shophereforher.ca
OR on IG @shophereforher & @rachettinger.
Learn more about how Behere helps women feel empowered while traveling here. Or get started below!

Let's Discuss… Female Empowerment

A note from Behere CEO, Meesen Brown.

“Empowering Women
Female Empowerment
Women’s Empowerment

We see these words all the time. But what do they really mean?

They are strewn across websites, utilized in brand messaging and shared on social media. Becoming overused and losing their validity. With people and brands worldwide claiming to empower women,  I wanted to shed more light on what these words really mean.

What does ‘empower’ mean?

According to Merriam-Webster to empower means:

  1. to give official authority or legal power to
  2. to enable
  3. to promote the self-actualization or influence of

It continues, with a quote from novelist Ron Hansen, “Women’s movement has been inspiring and empowering women.”

Merriam-Webster also noted that empower is in the top 20% of words, meaning — it’s popular. This all coming from a dictionary that originated in 1828 and named ‘feminism’ a word of the year for 2017.

Knowing the dictionary definition is helpful but to truly better understand women’s empowerment, we need to see the action behind it and meaning to others. So I began to discuss this with people I knew that ‘empower women’, asking:

What does it mean to you to empower women? 

How are you empowering women through what you do?

Their responses prompted me to continue the discussion and resulted in me starting a series of posts with the responses. With the Women’s March around the corner, it seems all too fitting a time to begin it. Through the series I hope to bring more discussion, meaning, and action to these terms.

While having these discussions, I took a closer look at what it means to me, to empower women and how I am doing this:


What does it mean to me empower women?

Female empowerment, I find, is often said, seldom explained. The initial discussions and ideation of this series came from seeing the word empowerment utilized in the messaging of a product I was unsure would actually do that. So to me, to empower women means to provide them opportunities and to help them gain more independence and control of their lives. To provide opportunities that help them grow, develop, gain power and share their opinions. To rid them of fear, to give them control and to help them create. To empower women is to do this, not just through our words, but through our actions.

How do I empower women through what I do?

I started Behere, with a goal to empower and inspire more women to step outside their comfort zones and create lifestyles they love. To grow, to learn and to experience new things. I wanted to help women feel comfortable in new surroundings and feel confident to explore new places. I wanted women to have opportunities, and to not feel they had to choose between being stuck in a male-dominated workplace and having the freedom to design their own lives. I wanted to help women embrace flexibility and I wanted to help shape the future of work. That’s why, at Behere, we’re working to empower women to embrace flexibility and create lifestyles that better meet their needs and wants.”

– Meesen Brown
Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing a series of posts about what it means to ‘empower women’, to people around the world. They’ve shared how they empower women through what they do and helped to highlight the action behind these words.

If you’d like to contribute to the series, please fill out this form. Together, we can better define these words and help create more action for women around the world.

Originally shared here.

Inspiring Women Who Made Working While Travelling Their Reality

These inspiring women have made flexible lifestyles work for them

In 2017 we hosted our first women’s only coworking day event. If you read our post about our Women’s Only Coworking Space Popup Event you’ll know how wonderful the event and response to it was. We hosted it in Chiang Mai, Thailand and met so many inspiring women, we decided to share some of their stories. These women show it’s possible to create lifestyles you truly love, work from anywhere and thrive at it. Read their stories below!

Meet Lola: a full-time traveler and freelance writer  

Lola Méndez is a full-time traveler and freelance writer sharing her adventures on Miss Filatelista. She travels to develop her own worldview and has explored 53 countries. Passionate about sustainable travel, she seeks ethical experiences that benefit local communities.

“I left my life and career in New York City in March of 2015 and have been traveling and working remotely ever since. I decided to take off after being told I was up for a very competitive promotion and raise. When I heard the news I did not feel ecstatic. Instead, I felt doomed. I loved my role as a fashion publicist but knew there must be something more meaningful out there waiting for me in the world. I’d been working with clients that benefited various global charities and wanted to shift my lifestyle and career towards one that was more sustainable and allowed me to use my skills towards developmental projects.
I did exactly that when I worked pro bono as the communications officer for a women’s empowerment NGO in India for 3 months. I developed a relationship with Visit.org and worked on the social travel marketplace’s business development and communications efforts. Through them I began to work with charities and other do-good organizations around the world to help them create tourism activities to support their causes. I also began to work with nonprofits in the travel sector directly to help share their stories on my blog, Miss Filatelista, and other digital publications. In 2018 I focused mostly on freelance writing gigs but am always open to projects that can benefit from my branding and marketing expertise.
Without traveling I wouldn’t be able to learn firsthand the unique stories that I get to share as a freelance travel writer. I am inspired daily by cultural phenomenons, local cuisines exotic flavors, traditional handicrafts, and the incredible people I’m fortunate enough to encounter around the globe. These experiences have allowed me to continue to support my travels by being paid to write about travel-related topics. But I am a traveler first and would never travel simply to sell a story. If I lost access to the internet tomorrow I’d simply find another way to fund my explorations.”
Follow Lola’s journey on InstagramTwitterPinterest, and Facebook.

Meet Lynn: an online English teacher and podcast host

Lynn Hulver is an online ESL teacher from the US, who also started her own podcast and hosts a podcast where she interviews women paving their own path.

“I think traveling and working from anywhere in the world seems like this weird, mystical unicorn that sounds great but isn’t actually possible long-term. The truth is anything is possible, you just have to decide what you want and learn from the people who are doing what you want to be doing.
I knew in college that Corporate America wasn’t for me, so I spent most of college researching unconventional ways of living. Then I became involved with Network Marketing, and though I realized it wasn’t for me, I’m grateful for it as it opened my eyes to the world of entrepreneurship.
Currently I’m teaching ESL online and building my e-commerce business. I’ve also launched a weekly, interview-style podcast showcasing young people who are living life on their own terms, to show others how they can do so too. I’m also a blog contributor for @bossbabe.inc, which I love. This winter I spent 3 months in Thailand, a week in the Philippines, and then moved to Bali for spring! My goal is to show people my age, anything is possible.”

Meet Brenda: a freelance health and lifestyle writer

Brenda DeGroote is originally from the Netherlands and writes books and articles on healthy and plant-based lifestyles.

“As I child, I always had the dream of traveling forever, being free and unbound to a specific place. I love to discover new places, not knowing what is literally ‘on the other side of the mountain’. As a writer and illustrator, all I need is a pen and paper, a computer and WiFi. Just like that I realized, I could make my childhood dream come true. So I booked a one way ticket to the other side of the world.
To make this lifestyle possible, I write books and articles for several websites on health, food and a plant-based lifestyle. I love creative work, and it is helps enable me to focus more on my passion projects: monkeys and art (in progress).
Many women dream of traveling and exploring new places but I’ve found that most, come up with excuses not to pursue their dreams. Excuses like, “I’ll never be able to do that.” “My boss / job won’t let me.” “I don’t know how to do it.”
My response to these is; 1) don’t think you’re a special case – lots of people have done it, and you can too, 2) if you don’t like it, then just book a ticket back, 3) Tim Ferris’ overhyped bestseller book has some great tips, and 4) write down your dreams and make a plan for how to get there.
But remember: the most important of all is to book that ticket. Otherwise your ‘yea, ever’ will become a ‘nope, never’. Don’t be afraid, that is fantasizing in the wrong direction.”

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